What is the conclusion of The Kite Runner?

What is the conclusion of The Kite Runner?

What is the conclusion of The Kite Runner?

Amir was successfully able to relieve his guilt through returning to Kabul, defeating and rescuing Sohrab from Assef, and finally committing to Sohrab that he would stay loyal to him, which he displayed by going kite running for him and saying he would do so, “a thousand times over.”

What does Hassan’s sacrifice reveal about him?

In the same way, Hassan’s death and unintentional sacrifice of his son, Sohrab, allowed Amir to pass from his life dominated by a guilty conscience to a life free of shame, where he is able to finally forgive himself.

What is Hassan’s final sacrifice for Amir?

What is Hassan’s final sacrifice for Amir? Saying that he stole Amir’s watch and , birthday money from the house.

Why did Hassan lie about the watch?

11) Why does Hassan lie about stealing Amir’s watch? Hassan lies about stealing Amir’s watch because, once again, he is making a sacrifice for Amir. Hassan understands that if he denies taking the watch, Baba would know of Amir’s devious plot to frame Hassan.

Does Hassan forgive Amir?

Amir reads letters that Hassan wrote to him before he died and he realizes that Hassan had forgiven him for all he had done. This frees Amir from some of his guilt and helps him move on with his life.

What weakness of Amir’s does Baba apologize for?

car sickness

How does Baba die?

Amir can tell that Baba is happy watching him and Soraya together. Baba dies in his sleep that night.

What is Baba’s greatest fear?

And that was how Baba ended those humiliating food stamp moments at the cash register and alleviated one of his greatest fears: that an Afghan would see him buying food with charity money. Baba walked out of the welfare office like a man cured of a tumor.

Why does Baba challenge the Russian officer?

Mainly because Russia is invading them and they need to get out of Afghanistan. Why does Baba challenge the Russian officer who is obviously high on drugs? Foreshadowing because he is leaving Afghanistan. Kamal’s father commits suicide after Kamal dies from breathing the fumes of the tank.

What does Amir ask Baba that makes Baba angry?

What does Amir ask Baba that makes Baba angry? What does Baba say in response? Amir asks Baba if they can get new servants (Ali & Hassan). Baba is furious and tells Amir he will never get new servants.

What is Baba diagnosed with?

Baba is diagnosed with lung cancer but refuses to receive treatment.

How is the end of chapter nine a turning point in the novel?

I think that a case can be made that chapter 9 is a sort of turning point in the novel because it represents the final dissolution of the friendship between Amir and Hassan. It is at this point where their friendship ends up becoming interrupted. It is also at this point where Amir’s cruelty becomes its most intense.

How did Baba betray Ali?

However, what they share is betrayal of their best friends. Baba had betrayed Ali, his closest friend since childhood, by sleeping with Sanaubar. As Amir says, having sex with a man’s wife was the worst possible way an Afghan man could be dishonored. Amir had similarly betrayed Hassan.

What does Baba do when Ali and Hassan leave?

Amir realizes Hassan saw him in the alley, and he knew also that Amir was setting him up now. Baba forgives Hassan, but Ali says they must leave. Baba pleads with him to stay, but Ali refuses. It rains when Ali and Hassan leave, and Amir watches from inside as they go.

What happened Ali and Hassan?

From Rahim Khan, Amir learns that Hassan and Ali are both dead. Ali was killed by a land mine. Hassan and his wife were killed after Hassan refused to allow the Taliban to confiscate Baba and Amir’s house in Kabul. Rahim Khan further reveals that Ali was sterile and was not Hassan’s biological father.

Why did Hassan still love Amir?

Hassan had selfless love for Amir, although he felt terribly sad by the turn of events, I don’t think he harbored any ill will towards his brother. Even in his death, Hassan offered Amir the road to redemption through the adoption of Sohrab. Love is the reason Hassan told Amir, “For you a thousand times over”.

Is Kite Runner a true story?

No, The Kite Runner is not a true story. However, even though the characters in the story are fictional, many of the larger events depicted in the…

What is Rahim’s dying wish?

Rahim Khan’s dying wish was for Amir to go back to Kabul, and get Sohrab, Hassan’s son, and bring him to an American couple, Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell, who would then take care of him. In a way, Rahim Khan was doing Amir a favor, because he was giving him a chance to finally forgive himself for what he did to Hassan.

Do you think Rahim’s dying wish unfair?

Do you think Rahim’s dying wish is unfair? Why or why not? Amir is filled with shock and anger. Rahim’s dying wish is fair because he knows it will remove Amir’s guilt and pay back Hassan for what he saw in the alley.

What clues hint at the secret that is revealed?

What clues hint at the secret that is revealed in Chapters 17-18? Baba getting a surgeon for Hassan’s hare lip. Baba never missing Hassan’s birthday. When Ali and Hassan left, Baba said we’re his family.