What is the current magnetic variation in the UK?

What is the current magnetic variation in the UK?

What is the current magnetic variation in the UK?

UK Magnetic Survey Over the UK, declination varies by about 5 degrees from the south-east to the north-west. Likewise, inclination varies by about 8 degrees and total intensity by about 3000 nT, both increasing from south to north.

What is the current magnetic variation?

The difference between true and magnetic north varies by location and over time. In most populated parts of the world, it currently ranges from 30 degrees west (south-eastern tip of Africa) to 26 degrees east (southern tip of New Zealand). However, most locations on Earth have a considerably smaller declination.

What is the magnetic variation in the UK 2022?

24 March 2022 Over the past few hundred years in the UK, declination has been negative, meaning that all compass needles have pointed west of true north. The line of zero declination, called the agonic, is moving westwards at a rate of around 12 miles (20km) per year, experts say.

How do I find my magnetic declination?

The degrees of declination for an area are usually located on the bottom margin of the map near the north arrow, or they can be located using a declination chart.

How many degrees off is magnetic north?

Depending on where you are, the angle between true north and magnetic north is different. In the U.S., the angle of declination varies from about 20 degrees west in Maine to about 21 degrees east in Washington. (See Figure 6.7).

What is the current magnetic variation UK 2021?

Answer: +0.55° (1°33′)

How far off true north is magnetic north?

approximately 500 kilometers
How far off is magnetic north from true north? True north and magnetic north are separated by approximately 500 kilometers (310.6 miles).

How accurate is the UK magnetic field model?

This is a model of the magnetic field of the UK and its secular variation, or slow rate of change in time. The accuracy of this model is dependent on the quality of the repeat station data and the regularity with which they are re-occupied.

How does magnetic field strength and direction change over the UK?

Magnetic field strength and direction over the UK change both with time and according to location. Over the UK, declination varies by over 8 degrees from the most easterly to the most westerly points, and changes in time. Information published on Ordnance Survey maps needs to be regularly updated to take account of these changes.

How are the locations of the magnetic repeat stations chosen?

The locations of the magnetic repeat stations are chosen for their isolation from magnetic interference. The survey position is fixed by marker, by survey bearings and by Global Navigation Satellite System data in order that an exact re-occupation can be made during future surveys.