What is the difference between Motown and Stax?

What is the difference between Motown and Stax?

What is the difference between Motown and Stax?

The difference between Motown and Stax can be simply defined as Motown being more professional and traditional, and Stax assuming a more creative, less mainstream style. Another difference between Motown and Stax is that they’re different record labels.

Why did Stax Records close?

During the mid-1970s, a number of factors, including a problematic distribution deal with CBS Records, caused the label to slide into insolvency, resulting in its forced closure in late 1975. In 1977, Fantasy Records acquired the post-1968 Stax catalogue and selected pre-1968 recordings.

What was unique about Stax Records?

In 15 years, Stax placed more than 167 hit songs in the Top 100 on the pop charts, and a staggering 243 hits in the Top 100 R&B charts. It launched the careers of such legendary artists as Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Rufus & Carla Thomas, Booker T, & the MGs, and numerous others.

When did Stax Records close?

In 1975, Stax closed its doors. The record company was being house in the Old Capitol Theatre on East McLemore, but that building would soon be demolished.

What’s the difference between Motown and soul?

AllMusic cites Motown as the pioneering label of pop-soul, a style of soul music with raw vocals, but polished production and toned-down subject matter intended for pop radio and crossover success.

What does Stax mean in Memphis?

Satellite becomes Stax In 1960, Estelle refinanced her house again to fund the studio’s move west from Brunswick, Tenn. to a former movie theatre on McLemore Ave. in Memphis. The company was renamed Stax, a combination of the first two letters of Stewart and Axton’s last names.

How long is the Stax Museum tour?

two to three hours
Visitors should budget at least two to three hours to tour the entire facility.

What is the meaning of Stax?


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What artist is considered the purest prototype of mainstream rock?

“Little” Richard Penniman – “the Quasar of Rock”

  • c. 1932 – born Richard Wayne Penniman in Macon, GA.
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  • Inner Conflict: sacred vs.

Is the Stax Museum open in Memphis?

OUR POWER HAS BEEN RESTORED AND THE STAX MUSEUM OPEN TODAY, SUNDAY FEB 6, 10-5 PM Organized by Memphis’ Stax Records to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the Watts rebellion in Los Angeles, Wattstax was seen by some as the “Afro-American answer to Woodstock”.

Where is Stax Records located?

Stax Records is an American record label, originally based in Memphis, Tennessee. Founded in 1957 as Satellite Records, the label changed its name to Stax Records in 1961 and shared its operations with Volt Records, a sister label created to avoid the impression of favoritism among radio stations playing their records.

What were the results of the Stax Records sessions?

The results of the Stax sessions would be collected somewhat haphazardly. The tracks were split up and released as two separate LPs: “Good Times” in 1974 and “Promised Land” in 1975.

What happened to Chips Moman of Stax Records?

Original A&R director Chips Moman left the company at the end of 1961 after a royalty dispute with Stewart; he soon opened his own studio across town. Mar-Keys member Steve Cropper replaced Moman as Stewart’s assistant and A&R director. Cropper would quickly become a writer, producer and session guitarist on scores of Stax singles.