What is the purpose of concession in writing?

What is the purpose of concession in writing?

What is the purpose of concession in writing?

Definition of Concession. Concession is a literary device used in argumentative writing, where one acknowledges a point made by one’s opponent. It allows for different opinions and approaches toward an issue, indicating an understanding of what causes the actual debate or controversy.

What is the difference between contrast and concession?

Forget about Prepositions for a second and focus on the word contrast. What does Contrast mean? Contrast is basically something strikingly different than something. Concession are words like “though” or “although” that are used to show a different idea than suggested by the main part.

In what situation do you use conjunction for contrast?

Conjunctions join clauses or sentences and coordinate words in the same clause. Contrast conjunctions connect ideas and clauses that contrast. The following words and phrases are contrast conjunctions: but, although, though, even though, even if, while, in spite of, while, whilst, whereas.

What’s the meaning of contrast?

The verb contrast means to show a difference, like photos that reveal how much weight someone lost by contrasting the “before” and “after” shots. To contrast something is to look for differences among two or more elements, but compare is to do the opposite, to look for similarities. …