What is the safety line in Vistaprint?

What is the safety line in Vistaprint?

What is the safety line in Vistaprint?

The safety line (orange box) is the area inside which you should keep all text and graphics that you don’t want to be cut off by the printing machine. The trim line (dotted blue line) is the line along which the card is going to be cut by the machine.

How do I move text boxes in Vistaprint?

To move a text box – when it’s highlighted in blue – use the mouse to pick it up and move it. 13. To make text bigger or smaller – click in the text box and a menu will appear – you can change the font size, colour or type and move to centre the text or align left/right.

Does Vistaprint accept PDF files?

Upload a PDF File to Vistaprint You should have already created a printable using one of our online forms or downloadable PDF files.

How do I create a Vistaprint logo?

Create your own logo

  1. Choose a starting point. Explore icons, colors, and layouts to narrow down options.
  2. Personalize for your business or event. Add your information and customize it to your liking.
  3. Use it with us or download. Print on any Vistaprint product for free or download for $20.

What are the dimensions of a Vistaprint business card?

Our Square business cards (2.5″ x 2.5″) have a unique look (and feel) that sets them apart from standard shapes.

Can you share a Vistaprint Design?

Easily share your Vistaprint business card with new contacts. Log into your Vistaprint account and choose from any of your previously created cards. Share a professional image of your business card by text, email, or social media.

Does vistaprint have an app?

Android Apps by Vistaprint on Google Play.

How do I delete something from my Vistaprint portfolio?

If you want to remove or delete a design from your portfolio, go to ‘My Portfolio’ page by clicking on the green button, ‘CREATE PORTFOLIO’. There you will see a list of all personal designs you have ever uploaded. Click on the trash icon to delete the design.

Where is vistaprint located UK?

Kings Cross

Where is vistaprint located?


Which website builder is best?

  • Best website builder overall. Wix. WIx.
  • Best prepackaged design. Squarespace.
  • Easiest to use. Weebly.
  • Best for building a customized experience. Duda.
  • Best For basic, no-frills websites. GoDaddy.
  • Best for writers and bloggers. WordPress.
  • Best for basic e-commerce. Shopify.
  • Best for bigger stores. BigCommerce.

How much does Vistaprint website cost?

Vistaprint Website Builder Review

Price Number of Domain Pointers
Basic $5 per month 1
Standard $18 per month 1
Premium $30 per month Unlimited

How do I edit my Vistaprint website?


  1. Click My Account > My Portfolio . (If you are not signed in already, you will be prompted to do so.)
  2. Click Edit in the Actions column next to the document you wish to edit.
  3. Once you are satisfied with your edits, save the changes.

Is Vistaprint good?

I highly recommend their services. This is the 3rd time I’ve used Vistaprint for various things and I’ve been satisfied with the quality each time. 100% satisfaction is our number one goal, so we’re so happy we were able to help make things right for you. We look forward to doing much more business with you.

How do I log into my Vistaprint email?

Click My Account > Sign In at the top right-hand corner of the site. The Sign In page appears. Type your previously registered e-mail address and password into the appropriate fields and click Sign In.