What is the theme of the book egghead?

What is the theme of the book egghead?

What is the theme of the book egghead?

Caroline Pignat’s Egghead (2008) is a young adult novel that details the effects of bullying through the eyes of three junior high school students.

What is the conflict in egghead?

The conflict in Egghead is person vs person which is Will vs Shane because Shane is bullying Will so it’s Shane vs Will because Shane obviously hates Will and Will obviously hates Shane.

What happens to Will in egghead?

Devan winds up faling in love with katie and leaves his little bullying group. Will gets seriously injured and is sent to England. Devan completely changed and katie eventually fell for devan and the books ends in a happy manor with them falling in love and will gone.

Who are the main characters in egghead?

Shane Duran.

  • Will (William James Reid)
  • Devan Mitchell.
  • Katie McGillvary.
  • What is the genre of egghead?

    FictionEgghead: A Novel / Genre

    How many pages are in the book egghead?


    Category: Book
    Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside
    Published: November 2007
    Format: Book-paperback
    Pages: 128

    What is the climax of egghead?

    At the climax of the story, the bullying escalates to a life-threatening incident, and the impact affects all three of the protagonists.

    Is egghead a true story?

    Egghead (Michael Lacey Freeman, 2015) is an A2 level graded reader for teens from ELI Publishing. It is an autobiographical story of the author’s experience of being bullied at school, and how friendship helped him overcome his difficulties.

    What is a strong character person?

    The traits that make you strong, reliable, and tenacious To recognize a person of strong character is to know whom you can trust and rely upon. To be a person of strong character is to be honest, resilient, and dependable. It is of utmost importance for you and those close to you.

    What is the book Egghead about?

    Sorry!) 3.5. Egghead is a book addressing bullying that follows the highschool life of three young teenagers. William, who has been an outcast for a long time; he is gawky, anti-social, and considered “weird” by most people.

    What do you like most about the book Electronic Egghead?

    Egghead was a very well written book, with characters that were easy to understand and connect to. It brought a needed attention to not only bullying in highschool, but also problems and struggles kids might have in their life at that time. Not only this, it brought an equal perspective from all sides of the story, without favouring one.

    Is Egghead a good book about bullying?

    Even the teachers and principals are unaware of the true extent of the problem. Egghead is a believable account of young adolescents and their struggles, whether they be the need to be accepted, bullying, fear, friendship or loyalty. Wri

    Who is the weird kid in Egghead?

    And with this weird kid, Will, Shane’s got all kinds of new material. Link to Egghead Study Guide. Chapters.ca Top 20 Bestselling Teens and Childrens Books, June 2008.