What is the XtraMath guy name?

What is the XtraMath guy name?

What is the XtraMath guy name?

XtraMath was founded in 2007 by David Jeschke, a former Microsoft programmer and startup developer. While volunteering as a math tutor for Seattle elementary school students, he recognized the need for an individualized math fact practice program and developed XtraMath.

How do students sign in to XtraMath?

Once your account is linked to Clever, students can sign in using either the XtraMath app within their Clever Portal or the Clever button on our Student Sign In page.

How long should students be on XtraMath?

about 10 minutes
XtraMath sessions are short — about 10 minutes or less — and are ideally intended to be done once a day .

What happens when you finish XtraMath?

What happens now? XtraMath says a student is done when they have completed all the operations in the program assigned to them. At this point there are two options: you can assign the student a new program, or they can stop using XtraMath for now.

Is the guy in XtraMath real?

David Jeschke started XtraMath in 2007 to help kids learn math.

Who is David Jeschke?

David is the founder of XtraMath, a nonprofit offering a free online supplementary math education program, and prior to XtraMath, he worked at a variety of startups, including a couple of his own, and spent several years at Microsoft.

How do I add students to XtraMath?

Parents: If your child brought an XtraMath flyer home from school, please begin by enrolling your child. If you already have an account and would like to add another child, sign in and click Add child.

How do you move on in XtraMath?

Students will start by working on single-digit addition problems (up to 9+9). Once they achieve fluency in these addition facts, they’ll move on to the corresponding subtraction problems. After achieving fluency in the subtraction facts, they will move on to multiplication problems (up to 9×9).

Can you turn the timer off on XtraMath?

Sign in to your parent or teacher account, and go to the student report. Open the Edit menu in the upper right, and tap Student settings. Check the Hide timer checkbox (in the Activity Settings section), then tap Done to submit changes.

What are the levels of XtraMath?

Program Guide with Grade-level Assignments

  • Kindergarten (Ages 5-6) Beginning Addition.
  • First Grade (Ages 6-7) Beginning Addition & Subtraction.
  • Second Grade (Ages 7-8) Addition & Subtraction.
  • Third Grade (Ages 8-9)
  • Fourth Grade (Ages 9-10)
  • Fifth Grade (Ages 10-11)
  • Sixth Grade (Ages 12-13)

How high does XtraMath go?

How do you get 100 on XtraMath?

An operation is complete when the student has demonstrated fluency in all the individual facts within the operation. When this is the case, the fluency matrix will be completely green, and the score will be 100.

How do students sign in to xtramath?

The Student Sign In page allows students to sign in with their basic XtraMath credentials, as follows: Their name. It must be entered however it is listed in XtraMath — often only their first name, but sometimes a last initial is included. Their teacher’s email address.

What is xtramath?

XtraMath started in the fall of 2007 when David Jeschke, a computer programmer, volunteered at a local elementary school and recognized the need for an individualized math practice program. XtraMath spread rapidly to other classrooms by word of mouth and the program continues to evolve to meet the needs of the students, teachers, and parents.

How does xtramath measure mastery?

XtraMath is designed to measure what basic math facts students can recall, not what they can calculate. The three second mastery threshold is carefully selected — it is long enough that a relatively slow typist can enter a recalled answer, but short enough to exclude most counted or calculated responses.

Why can’t I connect to xtramath?

Cannot connect to the XtraMath servers. This is probably due to a temporary network disruption. Here’s what you can try: Reload the page. Try a few times if the first time doesn’t work. If reloading doesn’t fix it, wait a few minutes and try again. If you have parental controls or firewall settings in place, make sure “xtramath.org” is whitelisted.