What is Vycor Plus used for?

What is Vycor Plus used for?

What is Vycor Plus used for?

VYCOR® Plus high performance self-adhered flashing membrane provides premium protection against water and air infiltration in all critical non-roof detail areas. When properly installed, it can reduce the risk of rot and mold development, often associated with costly call-backs.

What is Vycor made of?

Vycor is the brand name of Corning’s high-silica, high-temperature glass. It provides very high thermal shock resistance. Vycor is approximately 96% silica and 4% boron trioxide, but unlike pure fused silica, it can be readily manufactured in a variety of shapes. Vycor products are made by a multi-step process.

What is Grace Vycor?

Product Description. Grace Vycor Plus is a premium, high performance self-adhered flashing, that provides protection for vulnerable areas such as windows and doors. When properly installed, Vycor Plus flashing contributes to energy efficiency.

Will Vycor stick to concrete?

Vycor Plus is compatible with wood, plywood, concrete and masonry, it fully adheres to the substrate to prevent water from passing through.

How do you use Vycor?

Apply flashing to window sill by removing half of the release paper and exposing the adhesive. Roll firmly into position. Make vertical relief cuts starting from corner of window sill upward. Roll firmly into place as necessary.

What is 96% silica glass used for?

What is 96% silica glass used for? Explanation: Ninety-six-percent silica glasses are similar to fused silica, but are easier to fabricate and have a higher coefficient of expansion. These can be used as heat shields in space vehicles and other chemical glassware.

Is soda lime glass tempered?

Soda-lime glass can also easily be tempered, making the material up to three times stronger than non-tempered glass. This type of toughened glass can be found in vehicle windows, shower doors, and more, due to its unique ability to cause less injury than non-tempered glass when shattered.

Is Vycor Plus butyl?

A: You will find that Vycor PRO’s butyl based adhesive is extremely aggressive, which makes it an especially good choice in low temperature conditions, when adhesion of Vycor Plus may be marginal.

Which glasses is highly resistant to heat?

Aluminosilicate glass is highly resistant to most chemicals. Fused Quartz and High Silica glass provide perhaps the highest degree of fire resistance. Some types can withstand temperatures as high as 1000 degrees. Several international ratings determine the resistivity of such glass.

What is silica glass made of?

The sand commonly used to make glass is comprised of small grains of quartz crystals, made up of molecules of silicon dioxide, which is also known as silica.