What materials does Hiroshi Sugimoto use?

What materials does Hiroshi Sugimoto use?

What materials does Hiroshi Sugimoto use?

Sugimoto uses an old wooden large-format camera with 8 x 10 black-and-white film and works in a traditional wet-darkroom to make print enlargements on double-weight gelatin silver paper.

What is Hiroshi Sugimoto style?

To craft his exquisite black-and-white images, Hiroshi Sugimoto uses a 19th-century-style, large-format camera, exploring his idea of photography as a method for preserving and modeling time. “Endeavors in art are… mere approximations, efforts to render visible unseen realms,” he says.

What is Hiroshi Sugimoto best known for?

photography series
Hiroshi Sugimoto (*1948 in Tokyo) is considered one of the best-known photo artists of our time. He came to be known for his strictly black-and-white, highly stylized photography series.

What does Hiroshi Sugimoto photograph?

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Opticks These images depict the color of light Sugimoto observed through a prism in his Tokyo studio. Using Polaroid film, the artist recorded sections of the rainbow spectrum projected into a darkened chamber, paying particular attention to the spaces and gaps between hues.

What kind camera did Hiroshi Sugimoto use?

8×10 large format camera
Sugimoto uses a 19th century style 8×10 large format camera, black-and-white film, and extremely long exposures. He projects notions pertaining to his philosophical curiosities, closely affiliated to that of the nature of time.

What techniques does Hiroshi Sugimoto use?

Hiroshi uses an old-fashioned large-format large-format camera, often using prolonged exposure times to produce flat and clean images. In them, the ocean has permanent creases rather than ripples and waves.

How did Hiroshi Sugimoto become a photographer?

Sugimoto received a B.A. in sociology and politics from St. Paul’s University in Tokyo in 1970. In 1972 he obtained a B.F.A. in photography from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, remaining in California after he received his degree.

How did Hiroshi Sugimoto get into photography?

He took his earliest photographs in high school, photographing film footage of Audrey Hepburn as it played in a movie theater. After receiving a BA from Saint Paul’s University in Tokyo in 1970, he traveled west, first encountering communist countries such as the Soviet Union and Poland, and later Western Europe.

Where did Hiroshi Sugimoto go to school?

ArtCenter College of Design1970–1974
Rikkyo University1970Rikkyo Niiza Junior and Senior High School
Hiroshi Sugimoto/Education

What does Hiroshi mean in Japanese?

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What does Sugimoto mean?

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How old is Sugimoto immortal?

Now, since Noda sensei said Sugimoto is supposed to be in his early 20 let’s go with a 24, which would make Ogata 25 at the start of Golden Kamuy (time has gone by so they probably had had all the time to get at least a year older).