What song did Drake sample hotline?

What song did Drake sample hotline?

What song did Drake sample hotline?

In an era where artists are constantly being sued over sampling in their music Timmy Thomas is glad Drake sampled his 1973 hit, “Why Can’t We Live Together” in “Hotline Bling.” “I’m just excited.

What did Drake sample for Hotline Bling?

Why Can’t We Live Together
The song was directly inspired by DRAM’s “Cha Cha” and was originally seen to be a remix, with the song premiering on Beats 1 OVO Sound Radio as “Hotline Bling (Cha Cha Remix)”. The song’s instrumental heavily samples R&B singer Timmy Thomas’s 1972 song “Why Can’t We Live Together”.

Who has Drake sampled?

His albums have featured tracks produced by the likes of Noah “40” Shabib, Boi-1da and others that have sampled artists like Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, EPMD, Mariah Carey and Earth, Wind & Fire, just to name a few.

When did Hotline Bling come out?

2015Hotline Bling / Released

What sample is Knife Talk?

Feed the Streets
“Knife Talk” contains a sample from “Feed the Streets”, written by Jordan Houston (Juicy J), Patrick Houston (Project Pat), Rakim Mayers (A$AP Rocky) and Leland Wayne (Metro Boomin), as performed by the former three and, like this song, co-produced by the latter.

What did Drake sample Jon B?

On “Cameras,” Drake makes no bones about paying tribute to a man who was clearly one of his influences, as the song heavily samples Jon B’s “Calling on You.” Though it may not be the best track on Drake’s smash Take Care, it is definitely the track with the best sample.

Did Drake steal Passionfruit?

The song was written by Drake along with British producer and songwriter Nana Rogues, and has additional vocals from Zoë Kravitz. “Passionfruit” was released on March 28, 2017, as the second single released from More Life after “Fake Love”.

Why is Passionfruit by Drake so good?

“Passionfruit” is an easy highlight from More Life and in Drake’s catalogue of experiments and proof that the man’s pop senses are solid. He could make an album of 12 “Passionfruit” clones from here and abandon rap entirely if he so wanted to (which he might).