What was the original ending to The Magnificent Ambersons?

What was the original ending to The Magnificent Ambersons?

What was the original ending to The Magnificent Ambersons?

Twenty minutes of footage was scrapped and the ending went: George and Jack at the railroad station, Fanny’s breakdown, Bronson’s office, George’s walk home, Eugene and Lucy in the garden, George being hit by car, Eugene hearing about the accident, and a shorter version of Eugene visiting Fanny in the boarding house.

What is the story of The Magnificent Ambersons?

Orson Welles’ acclaimed drama follows two generations in a well-to-do Indianapolis family. Isabel Amberson receives a proposal from dashing Eugene (Joseph Cotten), but opts instead to marry boring Wilbur. Time passes, and Wilbur and Isabel’s only son, George (Tim Holt), is loathed as a controlling figure in the town. When Wilbur dies, Eugene again proposes to Isabel, but George threatens the union. As George in turn courts the woman he wants to marry, a string of tragedies befalls the family.The Magnificent Ambersons / Film synopsis

What year is The Magnificent Ambersons set in?

Welles’ magisterial narration is in the left column, and the action of the film is described in the right column: NARRATION: The magnificence of the Ambersons began in 1873. Their splendor lasted throughout all the years that saw their Midland town spread and darken into a city.

Where was Magnificent Ambersons filmed?

Los Angeles
The Magnificent Ambersons was in production October 28, 1941 – January 22, 1942, at RKO’s Gower Street studios in Los Angeles.

Who is the narrator in The Magnificent Ambersons?

Orson WellesThe Magnificent Ambersons / Narrator

Did The Magnificent Ambersons win any awards?

Welles adapted Booth Tarkington’s Pulitzer Prize–winning 1918 novel, about the declining fortunes of a wealthy Midwestern family and the social changes brought by the automobile age….The Magnificent Ambersons (film)

The Magnificent Ambersons
Box office $1 million (US rentals) 210,966 admissions (France, 1946)

Who wrote The Magnificent Ambersons?

Booth TarkingtonThe Magnificent Ambersons / Story by

Where is the house The Magnificent Ambersons filmed?

Almost all the exterior location scenes for AMBERSONS were shot at the RKO Ranch in Encino using standing sets except for Mrs. Johnson’s House and The Amberson mansion (or just the entrance as in the film the rest of the house was a matte painting). These two sets were constructed for the film.