What was William Morris most famous wallpaper?

What was William Morris most famous wallpaper?

What was William Morris most famous wallpaper?

It was in the 1870s that Morris really mastered designing for wallpaper, a period during which he created many of his most enduring designs, such as ‘Larkspur’ (1872), ‘Jasmine’ (1872), ‘Willow’ (1874), ‘Marigold’ (1875), ‘Wreath’ and ‘Chrysanthemum’ (both 1876–87).

Why did William Morris leave Red House?

Although initially intending to live there for the rest of his life, Morris found that the house proved too expensive to run and did not suit his lifestyle. After five years, he moved his family to a flat in Queen Square, Bloomsbury and sold the property.

Why did Morris make wallpaper?

Morris sought to depict nature, particularly the plants and flowers of England, without excessive naturalism. He placed his flowers and plants in series which were carefully created to be rhythmic and balanced, giving a sense of order and harmony. He did not want his wallpapers to be the center of attention in a room.

Did William Morris live in the red house?

Iconic Arts and Crafts home of William and Jane Morris and the centre of the Pre-Raphaelite circle. The only house commissioned, created and lived in by William Morris, founder of the Arts & Crafts movement, Red House is a building of extraordinary architectural and social significance.

When did William Morris start making wallpaper?

He began designing wallpapers in 1862, but their sale was delayed by several years while he experimented with printing from zinc plates. Inspired by nature, Morris’ designs feature leaves, vines, and flowers that he observed in his gardens or on walks in the countryside.

What colours did William Morris use?

‘Daisy’, with its simple flowers against a background suggestive of grass, was Morris’s first wallpaper to be put into production in 1864. Traditional woodblocks were used for all his wallpaper designs, cut from pear-wood and printed by hand. He preferred the soft, chalky colours of distemper paint.

What era is William Morris?

William Morris is best known as the 19th century’s most celebrated designer, but he was also a driven polymath who spent much of his life fighting the consensus.

What is William Morris style?

Arts and Crafts movement
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
William Morris/Periods

Who designed Red House?

Philip Webb
William Morris
National Trust – Red House/Architects