When did the BBC stop wiping tapes?

When did the BBC stop wiping tapes?

When did the BBC stop wiping tapes?

A key recommendation was that a requirement to keep archives was included in the BBC Charter and this was done for the first time in 1981. Although collections of recordings had built up by this time, before this there was no regulatory or legal requirement to keep archives in the BBC.

Can you listen to old BBC radio shows?

The majority of our programmes are available to listen to on demand for 30 days after broadcast. If you’re listening to a series, it’s best to check that all the episodes are currently available so you don’t miss out on any parts of the story.

How do I find old BBC documentaries?

You can check out some of our archived material and collections on the BBC Archive website. If you are interested in researching the BBC archives you can visit the Researching the BBC Archives website to find out how you can access some of our material.

When was BBC recorded off?

The first series was filmed in March 2020 with the intention of airing it while the Olympics were on.

How do you find lost TV shows?

Right now you can watch Lost on Hulu Plus. You are able to stream Lost by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. You are able to stream Lost for free on IMDb TV.

Is BBC Archive free?

Much of our programme archive is available in online depositories and access to these for research purposes is free of charge for any independent production company or Studios teams with a BBC commission or who are under contracted development.

How many hours of radio recordings does the BBC have?

Radio broadcast recordings. A dual service provides access to an on-site collection of some 200,000 hours of radio recordings dating back to the first decade of broadcasting, as well as ‘on-demand’ research access to the extensive radio collections of the BBC Sound Archive.

What technology did the BBC use to record early recordings?

The early recording technologies available to the BBC involved heavy and delicate equipment which didn’t lend itself to being moved around. Electrical disc-cutters, as used by record companies, had been around since the 1920s.

How do I access BBC Sound Archive content?

A further 300,000 hours of BBC Sound Archive content can be accessed on request via the Library’s Listening and Viewing Service, while current radio news output is made instantly available through the Library’s onsite Broadcast News server.

When did the BBC start broadcasting in the UK?

It was inaugurated in 1935 by ruddy, jovial Lawrence Gilliam, Cambridgeman and BBC features director. Since then BBC sound trucks have poked about England recording fox hunts, hop-picking festivals, markets, and building them into first-rate documentary radio shows.