Where is Dylan Bruce from?

Where is Dylan Bruce from?

Where is Dylan Bruce from?

Vancouver, CanadaDylan Bruce / Place of birth

How old is Dylan Bruce?

42 years (April 21, 1980)Dylan Bruce / Age

How tall is Dylan Bruce?

6′ 0″Dylan Bruce / Height

Who is Dylan Bruce?

Dylan Bruce is a Canadian actor, best known for his role in the successful series ‘Orphan Black’ and ‘As the World Turns. ‘ Born in British Columbia, he completed his graduation in drama and economics from the ‘University of Washington’ and then moved to Los Angeles to begin his acting career.

Who plays Paul Dierden?

Dylan BrucePaul Dierden / Played by

Who plays Castor in Orphan Black?

Ari Millen
Ari Millen (born January 19, 1982) is a Canadian actor. He is best known for his performance as numerous clones in the Space and BBC America science fiction television series Orphan Black (2014–2017), for which he won a Canadian Screen Award in 2016.

Does Paul love Sarah?

After Sarah Manning took her place, Paul grew to love her and began to protect her and attempted to cover for her, especially after Sarah came clean about being a clone….Paul Dierden.

Biographical information
Affiliation: Sarah Manning
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Who is the male clone in Orphan Black?

Ari Millen was thrilled just to have one role on clone drama Orphan Black. But four? “It was very, very exciting,” says the Canadian actor, who pulls quadruple duty in the third season of BBC America’s sci-fi hit, returning Saturday (9 p.m. ET/PT).

Who is Rudy in Orphan Black?

But Ari Millen, 33 — who plays Rudy as well as his clone brothers Seth, Miller and Mark — didn’t seem the least bit scary in a recent phone call from Toronto, where Lily, his daughter with his fiancée, the actress Kassandra Santos, squalled in the background just 32 hours after her birth.

Who did Paul really love Orphan Black?

Paul Dierden

Biographical information
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Sarah Manning (former lover and girlfriend) Beth Childs † (girlfriend; subject) Rachel Duncan (sexual relationship; subject)
Series information
Portrayed by: Dylan Bruce