Which country is Bergama?

Which country is Bergama?

Which country is Bergama?

Bergama is a populous district, as well as the center city of the same district, in İzmir Province in western Turkey….

Coordinates: 39°07′N 27°11′E
Country Turkey
Region Aegean
Province İzmir

What is modern day Pergamum called?

Pergamum, Greek Pergamon, ancient Greek city in Mysia, situated 16 miles from the Aegean Sea on a lofty isolated hill on the northern side of the broad valley of the Caicus (modern Bakır) River. The site is occupied by the modern town of Bergama, in the il (province) of İzmir, Turkey.

Why is Pergamum important?

Pergamon was founded in the 3rd century BC as the capital of the Attalid dynasty. Located in the Aegean Region, the heart of the Antique World, and at the crossroads between Europe and the Middle East, it became an important cultural, scientific and political centre.

What does Pergamon mean?

British Dictionary definitions for Pergamum Pergamum. / (ˈpɜːɡəməm) / noun. an ancient city in NW Asia Minor, in Mysia: capital of a major Hellenistic monarchy of the same name that later became a Roman province.

Is Bergama worth visiting?

Bergama is an important, unique, and truly beautiful city. And it is not surprising that both old and young people, archeology lovers, and Sigmund Freud fans dream of visiting this place.

What happened at Pergamon?

In the mythical battle of the giants, the gods as guarantors of a just order fight against the giants, born of the earth and representing the chaos of natural forces. Here, Zeus daughter Athena defeats the giant Alkyoneus with the help of a snake bite.

Who controlled Pergamon?

It was a monarchy ruled by Philetaerus’s extended family and their descendants. It lasted around 150 years before being eventually absorbed by the Roman Republic during the period from 133–129 BC.

Where is Pergamum mentioned in the Bible?

The city of Pergamon (also spelled Pergamum) is only mentioned twice in the New Testament (Revelation 1:11 and 2:12-13), but was one of the most important cities of the Greek east under Roman rule. Part of the city was perched atop an acropolis that rises nearly 900 feet, a spectacular sight.

Where is modern Bergama?

İzmir, Turkey
The site is occupied by the modern town of Bergama, in the il (province) of İzmir, Turkey.

Where was the church of Pergamum located?

Pergamon was the northernmost of the seven churches of Asia cited in the New Testament Book of Revelation….Pergamon.

Alternative name Pergamum
Location Bergama, İzmir Province, Turkey
Region Aeolis
Coordinates 39°07′57″N 27°11′03″E

What is Pergamon known for?

During the first and second centuries CE, Pergamon was also famous for its extensive hospital and healing sanctuary dedicated to the god Asclepius. It stood over half a mile from the acropolis and the main portions of the city, to which it was attached by a paved and colonnaded processional way.

What is modern Bergama?

Modern Bergama (BEHR-gah-mah, pop. 100,000) is a center for farming, light industry, schools, gold mining, and of course tourism. It’s a l-o-n-g spread-out city.

How long to stay in Bergama?

If you are looking for low prices and a slow pace then you can safely stay in Bergama for a week. It’s definitely a good amount of time to enjoy ancient architecture and go on a trip to the sea to neighboring Dikili. It’s difficult to describe in words what a unique and special destination it is.

Where can I find guided tours of Bergama?

Guided tours are available from İzmir, or you can visit Bergama on a 6-day Self-Guided Driving Tour from Istanbul. More…

Is Bergama in Turkey or Italy?

Interestingly, Bergama is a very famous city in Turkey. Many people all over the world know a lot about it and dream to visit. Yet, many others have no idea what and where it is. Some people get confused since they hear “Bergama” but automatically think of Bergamo in Italy. But these two are different cities.