Who designed Villa Arpel?

Who designed Villa Arpel?

Who designed Villa Arpel?

Perhaps the most seminal of seminal French filmmaker Jacque Tati’s epochal projects, Mon Oncle (1958) tells the story of Monsieur Hulot.

Where is Mon Oncle filmed?

Mon Oncle was shot between September 1956 and February 1957 at three different locations. The old Parisian suburb of Saint-Maur served for ‘le vieux quartier’, where Hulot’s wonderfully ramshackle house was built into the town’s main square.

Who is the director of Mon Oncle?

Jacques TatiMy Uncle / DirectorJacques Tati was a French mime, film-maker, actor and screenwriter. In an Entertainment Weekly poll of the Greatest Movie Directors, he was voted the 46th greatest of all time, although he directed only six feature-length films. Wikipedia

Where is the Villa Arpel?

IF you have ever wanted to take a stroll around the famous Villa Arpel from the Jacques Tati film, Mon Oncle, here is your chance. The Centquatre gallery in Paris has a model of the villa, which was depicted as the epitome of modernity in the film but drove Jacques Tati’s character M.

What is the car in Mon Oncle?

1956 Holden FJ station wagon.

Where was Mr Hulot’s Holiday filmed?

Les Vacances was shot in the town of Saint-Marc-sur-Mer, which lies on the edge of the industrial port of Saint-Nazaire, in the Département of Loire-Atlantique.

Did director Jacques Tati also star in his movie Mon Oncle?

The first of Tati’s films to be released in colour, Mon Oncle won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, a Special Prize at the 1958 Cannes Film Festival, and the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Foreign Language Film, receiving more honors than any of Tati’s other cinematic works.

What is Mon Oncle about?

Genial, bumbling Monsieur Hulot (Jacques Tati) loves his top-floor apartment in a grimy corner of the city, and cannot fathom why his sister’s family has moved to the suburbs. Their house is an ultra-modern nightmare, which Hulot only visits for the sake of stealing away his rambunctious young nephew (Alain Becourt). Hulot’s sister (Adrienne Servantie), however, wants to win him over to her new way of life, and conspires to set him up with a wife and job.My Uncle / Film synopsis

How long is Mr Hulot’s Holiday?

1h 54mMonsieur Hulot’s Holiday / Running time

Who directed Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday?

Jacques TatiMonsieur Hulot’s Holiday / Director