Who has the best offense in the NCAA football?

Who has the best offense in the NCAA football?

Who has the best offense in the NCAA football?

Team Offense

Rk School Pts
1 Ohio State 45.7
2 Western Kentucky 44.2
3 Pitt 41.4

What college football team throws the most?

Western Ky.

Rank Team YPG
Rank Team YPG
1 Western Ky. 433.7
2 Virginia 392.6
3 Ohio St. 380.9

Who has the best offense in college football 2020?


Rk Team OFD
1 Alabama .902
2 BYU .859
3 Ohio State .761
4 Kent State .829

Who has the fastest offense in college football?


Rank Team Yds/Play
Rank Team Yds/Play
1 Ohio St. 7.96
2 Western Ky. 7.17
3 Virginia 6.94

What college QB has the best stats?

Bailey Zappe

Rank Name Pass Com
Rank Name Pass Com
1 Bailey Zappe 475
2 Bryce Young 366
3 Will Rogers 505

Which college quarterback has the best stats?

Grayson McCall
College Football Player Stats – QB Rating

Rank Player Value
1 Grayson McCall 207.6
2 C.J. Stroud 186.6
3 Hendon Hooker 182.0
4 Stetson Bennett 176.7

Who is the most dominant college football team?

After a 17-point triumph over an undefeated Clemson team, the 2019 LSU Tigers will be remembered as one of the most dominant forces in college football history. Over the last two decades, several other programs have put together truly remarkable years.

What rank is Iowa offense?

Overall Statistics

IOWA Offense Value (rank) IOWA Defense
Points/Game 23.4 (#94) Opp Points/Game
Yards/Game 303.9 (#120) Opp Yards/Game
Points/Play 0.349 (#83) Opp Points/Play
Yards/Play 4.5 (#121) Opp Yards/Play

What college team plays the most ranked teams?

List of college football teams by weekly appearances atop AP Poll

Rank Team Most recent appearance
1 Alabama 2021
2 Ohio State 2015
3 Oklahoma 2011
4 Notre Dame 2012

Who is the most accurate college QB of all time?

Justin Fields most accurate NCAA QB PFF has ever recorded PFF wrote on Monday that Fields is the most accurate college quarterback they’ve ever recorded in terms of completion percentage over expected (CPOE), since they began recording college data in 2014.