Who is the girl drummer in Simple Minds?

Who is the girl drummer in Simple Minds?

Who is the girl drummer in Simple Minds?

Cherisse Osei
Cherisse Osei (born 23 December 1986) is an English drummer. Best known for her work with the band Simple Minds, Osei has also played with a number of acts, including Mantas, The Faders, Paloma Faith, Bryan Ferry, Kelly Jones, and Mika.

Who is the female singer on alive and kicking?

Robin Clark Bio
Robin Clark Bio. Robin Clark is an American vocalist best known for her work as a featured artist with the Scottish band Simple Minds on their multi-platinum album Once Upon a Time. For two years, she was also featured on their highly successful “Alive and Kicking” world tour.

What nationality are Simple Minds?

Sons & Fascination / Sister Feelings Call – 1981 Sons and Fascination / Sister Feelings Call is the current common title for the fourth album by the Scottish post-punk band Simple Minds.

Who is the singer for Simple Minds?

Jim KerrSimple Minds / Lead singerJames Kerr is a Scottish singer and the lead singer of the rock band Simple Minds, becoming best known internationally for “Don’t You”, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. Wikipedia

Who is the girl drummer in the Argos advert?

A nine-year-old girl who starred in the Argos Christmas advert has given an epic performance of impeccable timing to Nirvana’s In Bloom on the drums. Schoolgirl Nandi Bushell was filmed playing the drums after circling the musical kit in the Argos catalogue, in the.

Who is the female backup singer for Simple Minds?

She has also performed vocals for movie soundtracks, and has appeared in films and videos. Clark performed as a guest vocalist on the 1985 Simple Minds album Once Upon a Time….

Robin Clark
Website robinclarkmusic.com

Who is the black female singer with Simple Minds?

From working with Pink Floyd, George Michael and Stevie Wonder to Duran Duran and Simply Minds, vocalist Sarah Brown is one of the best singers in the business.

Where is Jim Kerr from?

Glasgow, United KingdomJim Kerr / Place of birth