Why did Brent Staples write black men and public space?

Why did Brent Staples write black men and public space?

Why did Brent Staples write black men and public space?

The encounters that Brent Staples has had with people who saw him as a threat caused him to write this essay. In the text he explains how a woman had ran away from him, how he was forced out of a jewelry store and in one incident he was mistaken for a burglar at his own work place.

Why does Brent Staples walk at night?

Staples walks the streets at night because he has trouble sleeping. He walks everywhere in an effort to tire himself out. 4. Staples suggests that in our society, men are supposed to be powerful and have the ability to intimidate.

Why does Staples whistle melodies from classical composers?

Why does Staples whistle their music? Beethoven and Vivaldi are the more popular classical composers. Staples believe that everybody would not expect a mugger to be bright enough to be whistling “bright, sunny selections from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons”. 4.

What does staples mean when he says he has the power to alter public space?

the ability to alter public space

What preconceptions does staples assume his audience?

How does he challenge these preconceptions? Staples assumes that his audience has the same preconceived notions about black men as the people in the examples he describes; he assumes that his audience also tends to perceive men like him as a threat.

How does Staples attempt to make himself less threatening?

Staples attempts to make himself less threatening by moving with care, giving people more space, and whistling relaxing tunes while he walks places. He pays attention to how closely he is to people, makes it apparent that he is not following them, and is generally very cautious.

What is Staples trying to accomplish with his first sentence?

Why or why not? Staples is trying to draw the reader in by alarming them. His opening sentence implies that something much more sinister is going on. The rest of the paragraph brings light to the irony in this sentence; he did not see her as a victim at all, but she felt fear that she could become one.

When was just walk on by published?


What is the impact of the opening sentence My first victim was a woman?

1. What is the impact of the opening sentence, “My first victim was a woman…?” How is Brent Staples using the term “victim”? The impact of the opening sentences makes the reader want to continue reading. When first reading the word “victim,” one believes something horrible like murder happened.