Why did circus Trix change their name?

Why did circus Trix change their name?

Why did circus Trix change their name?

This change reflects the company’s desire to unify recently acquired parks, including Planet 3, under one brand. Sky Zone will remain a separate brand within the CircusTrix portfolio.

How many defy locations are there?

FIND A PARK NEAR YOU Now with 61 parks across the United States, flight time is available in more places than ever.

What did defy used to be called?

Defy Media

Formerly Alloy Digital
Type Private
Industry Digital Media
Predecessors Break Media Alloy Digital
Founded 1996 (as Alloy Online) August 14, 2013 (as Defy Media)

How much are defy tickets?


Tickets Ages 7 & Over Prices + Tax
1 Hour Flight Ticket $15.64
1.5 Hour Flight Ticket $20.85
2 Hour Flight Ticket $23.46
Required Grip Socks $3.63

Who is the CEO of CircusTrix?

CEO Fernando Eiroa
CircusTrix CEO Fernando Eiroa | Changing indoor entertainment | blooloop.

Is defy a franchise?

DEFY Extreme Air Sports has a franchise fee of up to $60,000, with a total initial investment range of $2,653,000 to $4,213,000.

What is Dojo boom called now?

Thousand Oaks
DojoBoom (Thousand Oaks) – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go.

Who is the owner of defy Trampoline Park?

Scratch those plans to visit Fayetteville’s first indoor trampoline park over the Thanksgiving holidays. The opening date for Defy, which is owned by the Provo, Utah-based CircusTrix, has again shifted. In August, a spokeswoman for the company said the latest plans called for the facility to open by Thanksgiving.

What is the new name for Planet 3?

18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CircusTrix, the largest owner, operator, and franchisor of trampoline parks in the world, today announced the acquisition of Planet 3 extreme trampoline parks.

Do you have to wear socks at defy gravity?

Are Socks Required To Jump? Yes. We sell special grip socks in the park as both a safety and cleanliness measure. And you get to keep them after!

How much are Dojo boom tickets?


How much is Dojoboom?

The only drawbacks are the hourly cost, which is pretty expensive and can easily cost over $50 for one hour if you have multiple people jumping, and there are a couple of older staff that will yell at you for the littlest infringement, like being too excited.