Will a Fender neck fit on a G&L Body?

Will a Fender neck fit on a G&L Body?

Will a Fender neck fit on a G&L Body?

The answer is no…. and here’s why. The heel of a Fender neck is very different from the heel of the G&L neck. First of all the traditional vintage style Fender neck only has 21 frets whereas the G&L neck has 22 frets.

What is a modern C neck?

Modern “C” Shape: Thin profile, easy/fast playing, usually 9.5” radius, the Fender gold standard for the past 25 years. These necks have an ultra-comfortable flattened oval shape fit for just about any style (particularly modern rock). They are not cut as deep as “U” or “V” shaped profiles.

What pickups are in G&L Legacy?

The G&L Legacy™ blends contemporary refinements from the Leo Fender†-designed S-500™ and Comanche® models with classic Alnico V pickups. If your holy grail is faithful Alnico single-coil tone with modern refinements and superb craftsmanship, the Legacy makes for an excellent choice.

Where is the G&L Legacy made?

Fullerton, California
The guitar we’ve got in front of us this issue is a G&L Legacy, a classic double-cut built in Fullerton, California at G&L’s de facto Custom Shop, though more affordable Tribute Series models are built in Indonesia.

Which guitar has the slimmest neck?

The thinnest commercial guitar neck in the world was the EVO for a long time with 17.7 inches. The guitar we are reviewing here has 19mm of width at the first fret and 21mm at the 12th fret. Besides this Wizard III ultra-thin neck, the guitar belongs to the S series by Ibanez.

Are G&L humbuckers good?

They’re well-suited for contemporary players who seek noise-free pickups that can still deliver plenty of output. And best of all, they’re great value-for money. That’s because the exact same MFD pickups found in G&L’s US-made Fullerton Deluxe guitars are also fitted in their affordable Tribute Series instruments!

Where are G&L pickups made?

These units are Strat-sized ceramic bar magnet humbuckers designed by G&L and made for G&L by Gotoh in Japan. They are noiseless, yet more powerful than the vintage style alnico single coil pickups. The bridge pickup (“Power Blade” unit) is especially hot and is is excellent for lead guitar.

What is a Clapton neck profile?

The “soft V” neck profile (the shape of the neck in cross section) on the Eric Clapton Stratocaster has a distinctly comfortable fretting-hand feel that takes the more pronounced sharpness of a ’50s “V” profile and “softens” it into a somewhat more rounded shape.

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