Are the 1-litre Ford Focus any good?

Are the 1-litre Ford Focus any good?

Are the 1-litre Ford Focus any good?

The Ford Focus 1-litre EcoBoost is a highly impressive car and it shows that p etrol engines are now a viable alternative to diesels. The car is incredibly quiet, refined and smooth. It has good performance, it’s good to drive, and it’s comfortable. It’s also a practical five-door, five-seat family hatchback.

Are Focus 1.0 EcoBoost any good?

This 1.0-litre EcoBoost is more capable than a three-cylinder engine has any right to be. Not only does it make the Focus feel grown-up, it helps it perform as well in town as on motorways. The economy figures are just as impressive, while a price comparison with Ford’s diesels reveals it’s good value, too.

Is Ford 1.0 EcoBoost engine reliable?

How Reliable Is Ford Ecoboost Engine? The 3.45 was good overall. In terms of reliability, a 5-liter EcoBoost has proved a strong candidate. There are so many EcoBoost cars driving hundreds of thousands of miles with only one breakdown.

Is Ford Focus Zetec a good car?

The Ford Focus Zetec is an excellent family car that has developed a reputation for being the most fun-to-drive model in its class, although its quiet interior means it is also quiet, comfortable, and relaxing on long motorway journeys.

Is the 1 litre Ecoboost engine problems?

The issue has been highlighted by a BBC investigation, which found that “hundreds” of customers said their 1.0-litre Ecoboost engines had overheated. The broadcaster was also contacted about problems involving 1.6-litre Ecoboost engines, which drivers said had burst into flames when they were driving.

What are the issues with Ford’s Ecoboost engine?

One of the side effects of the turbo in the Ecoboost engine is heavier carbon buildup on the ignition coil. Once this happens, the engine can suffer from misfires and stumbling upon acceleration. Search TSB 14-0180 for more information on Ford’s recommended course of action, including replacing the ignition pack.

What does Zetec mean?

Zetec is a trim level offered across numerous Ford models. It fits between the more basic Studio and Style models and the range-topping Titanium line.

Does my Ford Focus have a Cambelt?

Our information is that this car has a timing belt. It should be changed at least every 125,000 miles (201,000km) or every 12 years.

How much power does a Ford Focus have?

This amazing little engine creates 125PS – compare that to one of the best of the rest, VW’s little three-pot unit in the Up! That develops 60PS which is only half the power of the Focus. Ford’s nearest comparable four-cylinder engine is the 1.6-litre unit used in other Focus models, with exactly the same 125PS power output.

How good is the EcoBoost engine in the Ford Focus?

This was my first time to sample Ford’s EcoBoost engine in the Focus and it is a revolution in itself with its impressive performance and refinement, combined with low CO2 emissions. It’s hard to match the 60mpg official economy that Ford quote for this engine, mid 40s seems more achievable in every day driving.

What are the features of the Ford Focus Titanium?

Titanium sits top of the range with external updates like a chrome finished grille, and inside there is cruise control, dual zone climate control, keyless start and four electric windows (see for more on equipment).

How big is the boot on a Ford Focus?

The Focus has not changed in size so inside there is plenty of space front and back, but the boot is still on the small side for this class at 316 litres. But in its favour, it’s got a flat floor, wide opening and there’s a spare wheel included under the floor.