Are there commercials on SiriusXM?

Are there commercials on SiriusXM?

Are there commercials on SiriusXM?

Will I hear commercials on SiriusXM? Almost all of our music channels are commercial-free. There are a handful of music channels not programmed by SiriusXM that air commercials. Many of our sports, news, talk and entertainment channels also carry limited amounts of commercials.

Who is on the SiriusXM commercial?

The latest ad campaign from Sirius XM features a series of commercials starring comedian Kevin Hart and fellow celebrities from various factions of the entertainment industry, living together in the “The Home of SiriusXM.”

Why am I getting commercials on SiriusXM?

Apparently, while their normal music stations are ad-free, some stations, or rather certain shows on those stations, are not; they have sponsors who need promoting and ads they must air to help fund them. You know, just like the regular radio stations and programs I was trying to escape have. See…

Can you get SiriusXM without commercials?

Enjoy SiriusXM Anywhere, Anytime Enjoy a wide variety of ad-free music, plus sports, news, talk, and comedy. Listen in the car and on the SXM App.

Who made lasagna for Kevin Hart?

In the commercial, Grohl is cooking lasagna and asks Kevin Hart, who is recording in the studio, if he wants some. Hart doesn’t understand what he is saying, so they both start to yell at each other, trying to get their words across.

Why does SiriusXM play the same songs?

SiriusXM is built more for in-and-out listening, mostly in-car commuting listening, more than for all day, at-work, leave-it-on listening. Repeating the same songs gives your business little diversity and variety unless you constantly switch to different channels and that’s a hassle.

How much does it cost to advertise on Sirius XM?

How much does advertising on SiriusXM cost? There is a minimum spend of $10,000 weekly with a minimum 20k order. That may or may not get you the number of spots you want or the channels you want—some channels cost more than others. As media buying specialists, we can help you craft an advertising strategy to fit your budget.

How to advertise on Sirius XM?

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  • How does Sirius XM make money?

    Phlash Phelps. Phlash Phelps worked for 17 radio stations all across the nation prior to joining SiriusXM.…

  • Shotgun Tom Kelly. Shotgun Tom Kelly—one of America’s best known and most loved radio personalities—plays all ’60s hits weeknights.…
  • Dave Hoeffel.…
  • Pat St.…
  • Mike Kelly.
  • How many customers does Sirius XM have?

    Published by Statista Research Department , Nov 5, 2021 In the third quarter of 2021, Sirius XM had approximately 34.3 million subscribers, down from 34.33 million in the corresponding quarter of…