Can you travel to France on a barge?

Can you travel to France on a barge?

Can you travel to France on a barge?

A few barges can be booked by cabin, like a hotel, but all are available as a whole-boat private charter. They cruise through different regions of France, on different canals and rivers, to bring you to fabulous destinations.

Are there canal boats in France?

Cruising in France offers the largest river network in Europe with over 100 canals and rivers creating around 800km of navigable waterways making it the ideal destination for canal boat holidays.

How much does a barge cost in France?

6-night Barge Cruise Rates

Number of Passengers Value Season ($USD) Regular Season ($USD)
All inclusive charter cruise (7 passengers). $ 50,400 $ 55,300
All inclusive charter cruise (6 passengers). $ 47,400 $ 52,200
Individual booking $ 6,995 $ 7.495
Supplement for single occupancy $ 3,695 $ 4,995

Where does the Canal du Midi start?

The source of the Canal Du Midi is in the Black Mountains. But no boats can travel that part of its system. The water from the Black Mountains joins the Canal Du Midi at its highest point located a few kilometers west of Castelnaudary at a point called the Seuil de Naurouze.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in France?

The average motorboat rental in France costs about $360, but may range from $60/day to $850/day. These costs can be shared among the different guests on board. For a weekly sailboat rental in France, expect to pay about $1,820/week. Weekly catamaran rentals in France typically cost $3,025/week.

Can you take a narrow boat to France?

It is easy to travel through the canals of France on your own rented boat. You can rent it in advance, pick it up, and take off for a week of leisurely crusing along one of the many canals. The boat provides your lodging overnight and a base for visiting small villages and viewing the countryside along the way.

How long does it take to sail the Canal du Midi?

It takes typically 10 days to travel the length of the Canal du Midi by barge, and provides an interesting way to see the countryside of the Midi. En route it passes by Castelnaudary, Carcassonne, Trebes (and a narrow passage between the cliffs), and across a canal bridge.

Can Narrowboats cross the Channel?

Narrowboats are “Category D” boats which are intended only for navigating rivers, canals and small lakes; but some intrepid boaters have crossed the English Channel in a narrowboat.