Does gold tone make good banjos?

Does gold tone make good banjos?

Does gold tone make good banjos?

If you’re looking for a featherweight 5-string banjo that sounds great, has an excellent set-up right out of the box, and has a very affordable price, the Gold Tone AC-1 is a winner. Whether clawhammer or Scruggs-style is your method, the banjo delivers superb sound for its price and weight.

Where is Gold Tone banjo made?

The majority of instruments produced by Gold Tone are manufactured in a Korean owned-and-managed factory in China that we’ve worked with since 1993, when Gold Tone was founded.

Is gold tone a good brand?

The Gold Tone CC-50 has been frequently called the best choice for any beginner, and while it’s priced at $399.99 on their website, the quality of the instrument’s make can be sold for much more. Like the CC-50, all of Gold Tone’s instruments are designed to play effortlessly, and sound great.

Who owns Gold Tone banjos?

Wayne and Robyn Rogers
Wayne and Robyn Rogers were active folk musicians in the 1970s when they decided to open Strings N’ Things Music Center in 1978. Today’s Gold Tone Group started life as Gold Tone Banjos, founded in Titusville, Florida by Wayne and Robyn in 1993.

Is Gold Tone a good brand?

What is the best banjo brand?

These are the best banjo brands on the market right now:

  1. Gold Tone. The best all-around maker.
  2. Deering. The best high-end brand.
  3. Recording King. The best historic brand.
  4. Ibanez. Perfect instruments for aspiring musicians.
  5. Oscar Schmidt. Perfect budget instruments.

Where are Goldstar banjos made?

He introduced the first Gold Star banjos through his preexisting instrument company, Saga musical instruments. He continues the production of different musical instruments today in San Francisco, CA.

Does gold tone turn green?

Gold jewelry containing nickel will often cause greenish-black skin discoloration. Nickel is a base metal in gold-plated jewelry or an alloy of low-quality gold ones. Once the gold-plating wears off, the nickel-base will become visible and cause ugly skin discoloration.