Does Hoshi become empress?

Does Hoshi become empress?

Does Hoshi become empress?

Hoshi was Empress. 100 years later, Georgiou is Emperor. Georgiou took one of Hoshi’s titles as her own to connect them. So Hoshi’s legacy as Empress must be good and Georgiou must either be connected to her in a chain of succession or might want to create that connection…..

Who did Hoshi Sato marry?

Takashi Kimura
According to a computer image (seen here) created for the ENT episode: “In a Mirror, Darkly”, Hoshi Sato later lived on Tarsus IV, married Takashi Kimura and raised a family, until she and her family were executed in the Tarsus IV Massacre in 2246, and buried in Kyoto.

Is Georgiou related to Hoshi?

Nardino clarifies that there’s no way Georgiou is related to Hoshi by blood because they have totally different ethnic backgrounds. Instead, he thinks that the “Iaponius” is something Georgiou took as a way to honor Hoshi’s legacy. “Georgiou took one of Hoshi’s titles as her own to connect them,” he says.

Is Hoshi Sato Japanese?

In the show Sato, born in Kyoto, Japan on July 9, 2129, is the communications officer aboard the starship Enterprise (NX-01), and a linguist who can speak more than forty languages (polyglotism), including Klingon.

Who is Emperor Georgiou?

Terran Georgiou During the U.S.S. Discovery’s time in the mirror universe, it was revealed that Georgiou was the Emperor of the Terran Empire and adoptive mother of Michael Burnham. Following a coup attempt, she was transported by Burnham to the U.S.S. Discovery and later the prime universe.

What happened Ensign Sato?

Ensign Sito Jaxa was a 24th century Bajoran Starfleet officer. She was believed to have been killed in the line of duty in 2370, while on a secret mission as a member of the USS Enterprise-D crew.

Is Hoshi a name?

The name Hoshi is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Star.

Is Philippa Georgiou gone for good?

However, it looks like Sonequa Martin-Green has officially confirmed that Michelle Yeoh’s character will not be back in the show’s next season. In Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, Georgiou was revealed to be dying due to her molecules being too far from her original timeline and universe.

Is Philippa leaving Discovery?

The recent episode of Star Trek: Discovery showed the cast as they bid goodbye to Michelle Yeoh as her character Terran Emperor Philippa Georgiou is leaving the show. The Guardian of Forever proved how Georgiou can be capable of change, and why she was granted a second lease in life.

What is wrong with Philippa Georgiou?

But at the end of the most recent episode, “Terra Firma, Part 2,” Philippa Georgiou, suffering from temporal displacement that would soon kill her, walked through a time portal and left Michael Burnham and the Discovery crew behind for good.