How can I check my prize Bond 750?

How can I check my prize Bond 750?

How can I check my prize Bond 750?

Prize Bond result list 750 and schedule for 2022 draws can be checked online. The people who want to buy the prize bond of their selected denomination can get the information of the National Savings 750 prize bonds online. You can visit the official website of SBP or to know about the 750 Rs.

What is the first prize of 750 Bond 2021?

Rs 750 Prize bond list 2021 has announced today !

Bond Worth City First Prize
Rs 750 Rawalpindi 1,500,000 PKR

What is the first prize of 750 Bond 2020?

Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Draw 84 Lahore Result 15 October 2020

Bond Worth City First Prize
Rs 750 Lahore 1,500,000 PKR

Where can I check Prize Bonds?

How to Check Prize Bond Result online with

  • Reach on the at your browser, where you can see the 1st option to check the result.
  • Now, enter your prize bond amount in the given place.
  • Once you are done, enter the draw date on which the prize bond draw held in Pakistan.

When draw of 750 prize bond?

750 Prize bond draw list announced today! Karachi: The 90th draw for the prize bond, worth Rs750, held today on Friday, April 15, 2022. The first lucky winner will get a prize of Rs1,500,000 while three prizes of Rs500,000 each have been reserved for the second position holders.

What is the third prize of 750 bond?

Prize Details

Prize Bond First Prize Third Prize
Rs. 750 1 prize of Rs. 1,500,000 1696 prizes of Rs. 9,300 each
Rs. 1,500 1 prize of Rs. 3,000,000 1696 prizes of Rs. 18,500 each
Rs. 7,500 1 prize of Rs. 15,000,000 1696 prizes of Rs. 93,000 each
Rs. 15,000 1 prize of Rs. 30,000,000 1696 prizes of Rs. 185,000 each

What is the prize of 750 Bond?

prize bond of value 1,500,000 PRK is awarded to 1 lucky winner, while second prize of the 750 prize bond of amount Rs. 500,000 is awarded to 3 lucky winners. The last & third prize of the 750 prize bond is given to 1692 winners of amount Rs. 9,300/- each.

How many Prize Bonds are there in Pakistan?

Currently, there are four denominations of prize bonds in circulation: Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 750, and Rs 1500.