How do I access airRouter?

How do I access airRouter?

How do I access airRouter?

By using a web browser of your choice and entering the IP address of your airRouter router in the address bar you will load the login screen. You can find the ip address on the back of your router. Now enter the default username and password of your router and you will be granted access to its admin panel.

What is the IP address for Ubiquiti router?
1. On the workstation, open a Web Browser and enter in the address bar. 2. Log into the router using the default credentials.

How do I set up my ubiquiti airRouter?

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  1. Plug in the power for your airRouter.
  2. Plug in your computer’s ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports.
  3. Open your browser and type in
  4. Log into the router interface, “ubnt” for both username and password.
  5. Click on the “wireless” tab.
  6. Under “network mode”, be sure it’s on “station”.

What is an airRouter?

The airRouter 802.11n Wireless Router is an affordable multi-purpose router that can act as a standard SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) router or operate in two other network modes: Bridge or Router mode.

Where can I find ubiquiti router?

Accessing the EdgeRouter using the Discovery Tool

  1. Download the Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool from the official Download section.
  2. Wait for the tool to finish discovering your devices.
  3. Double click on the discovered EdgeRouter to see the device details and open the Web UI in a separate browser session.

How do I access my Ubiquiti access point?

Windows users: Start > All Programs > Ubiquiti UniFi. 2. The UniFi login screen will appear. Enter the admin name and password in the appropriate fields and click Login.

How do I log into my UniFi router?

Step 1 To access the configuration page of the wireless router, open a Web browser such as Internet Explorer (IE) and enter (IP address of the wireless router) in the address bar. Step 2 Enter admin in the Username field and leave the password blank by default.

What is the difference between SOHO router and router?

What is a SOHO Router? SOHO routers are designed to deliver wired and wireless broadband network routing. Unlike traditional routers, these are structured specifically for small office/home office networks, which is where the SOHO acronym comes in.