How do I know what Onan generator I have?

How do I know what Onan generator I have?

How do I know what Onan generator I have?

Locate the serial number stamped on the generator. If you cannot read the nameplate, the serial number is stamped onto the block of the generator. It is 10 characters, composed of both letters and digits. Call the Cummins Onan Customer Response Center at 1-800-888-6626.

Are old Onan generators good?

An old fashioned Onan with an electronic governor would make a formidable machine. As nice as the Honda’s are, An 1,800 RPM old-fashioned Onan that is governed correctly would make for a better generator. Tougher and longer lasting, hours of operation wise.

What are Onan generators worth?

The average current price for used onan 5500 rv generator is $17,920 from the last 96 listings.

How can you tell the age of a generator?

Most of the newer Generator models have both an engine serial number and frame serial number. Older models may just have one serial number. Location and number of serial numbers varies depending on year and model of your generator. After getting the S/N, call Honda and give them the number and you’ll get the MFG Dates.

What model Cummins do I have?

How Do I Identify My Cummins Engine? According to Diesel Pro Power, Cummins ISB engine serial numbers are commonly found on the rocker cover. And in some cases, they are printed on the side of the gear housing.

How much does it cost to rebuild a Onan generator?

The AVERAGE Onan twin cylinder rebuilding job costs at least $2000 (That includes parts & labor). Remember, each is a custom job, yours may cost more or less. This price is subject to change with part pricing and part availability.

How much fuel does an Onan 5500 use per hour?

Per the manual it says 0.6 gallons per hour…

How much does a Cummins Onan generator Cost?

Compare with similar items

This item Cummins Onan 2.8HGJBB-1120 RV QG 2800 Watt Gasoline Generator Cummins (onan Generators) 2500w Inverter Generator Gas P2500i
Price $3,999.00 $922.00$922.00
Sold By Jacks Small Engines OS Supply Store
Item Dimensions 38 x 26 x 25 inches 21.5 x 18.75 x 12.75 inches
Item Weight 125.60 lbs 56.00 lbs

How much does an Onan 5500 generator weight?

288 pounds
5500 Watts. Operates on gasoline, 10% Ethanol or less. Length 33.6 inches, width 22.2 inches, height 16.7 inches. Dry Weight of generator is 288 pounds.

What is generator model?

Generator models are the most complex models in a transient stability tool. Generators can have many classes of dynamic model assigned to them including the following types. Machine Model (or converter model for renewal. Exciter Model (or electrical control for renewable)