How do I prepare for Nat?

How do I prepare for Nat?

How do I prepare for Nat?

The guidelines for preparation are as follows: Tenses must be learnt….Preparation for Verbal (English)

  1. Usage of words e.g. verb, noun, adverb, preposition and conjunction in sentence.
  2. Antonyms and synonyms.
  3. Analogies (word pairs)
  4. Paragraph based questions.
  5. Tense related questions.

How can I download NTS past papers?

You must always visit the official website of National Testing Service (NTS) for up-to-date sample papers and paper composition/distribution. The sample papers can also be downloaded from the official website of National Testing Service (NTS).

What is NAT 1e?

NTS IE is for the studentsof Pre-Engineering group. NAT-IE is accepted for admissions to Bacehlor programs in Engineering and also for admissions to other programs. Many top Engineering Universities like COMSATS, FAST, Institute of Space Technology accepts NAT-IE for admissions to their engineering programs.

Which book is best for NAT test 2021?

These books can be downloaded easily from internet or can be bought from your nearest bookshop.

  • Dogar’s Unique NTS Guide.
  • Analytical Question Book.
  • NTS Guide Book.
  • English Grammar Test Package.
  • National Testing Service NTS Complete Solved Book of NAT, GAT,GRE Test.
  • Shortcuts in Mathematics Book.

Is Nat hard?

Easier levels of each test assess reading, vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills. Higher levels asses Kanji, vocabulary, and second language knowledge. While both tests cover the same range of material, NAT is considered to be far more difficult than JLPT.

What is good NTS score?

The NTS GAT has maximum of 100 score. The qualifying score of NTS GAT is 50/100. The result card also show the percentile result.

Which is the best book for NTS preparation?

The most important and popular book is NTS Book For GAT General and this book includes different paper patterns. This is considered to be official book and it is issued by NTS. The second important and main book for the preparation of NTS test is Dogar Unique NTS Guide.

What type of questions are asked in NTS test?

NTS test is totally MCQS based test. There are different types of question are categorized in NTS test. In Every test Quantitative reasoning, verbal ability, non-verbal reasoning, general knowledge test, Islamic test, Pakistan affair test are required.

Which book is best for NTS?

Is NAT harder than JLPT?