How do I set up Certificate Authority on Web enrollment?

How do I set up Certificate Authority on Web enrollment?

How do I set up Certificate Authority on Web enrollment?

Set Up Certification Authority Web Enrollment Support

  1. Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Server Manager.
  2. Click Manage Roles.
  3. On the Select Role Services page, select the Certification Authority Web Enrollment check box.
  4. Click Add required role services, and then click Next.

How do I enable EPA for certificate enrollment Web service?

Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and enable EPA for Certificate Authority Web Enrollment, Required being the more secure and recommended option. Enable EPA for Certificate Enrollment Web Service, Required being the more secure and recommended option. After enabling EPA in the UI, the Web.

How do I install and configure Microsoft Certificate Authority CA in Windows Server 2012?

On the Credentials page, enter user credentials from Enterprise Admin group and click Next. On the Role Services page, select CA and click Next….On the Server Roles page:

  1. Select Active Directory Certificate Services.
  2. In the dialog, select Include management tool (if applicable) and click Add Features.
  3. Click Next.

How do I enable auto enrollment certificate?

Go to User Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Public Key Policies and then under Object Type section in the right pane, select Certificate Services Client – Auto-Enrollment. Right-click on Certificate Services Client – Auto-Enrollment and click Properties.

What is CES and CEP?

Summary. This article provides step-by-step instructions to implement the Certificate Enrollment Policy Web Service (CEP) and Certificate Enrollment Web Service (CES) on a custom port other than 443 for certificate key-based renewal to take advantage of the automatic renewal feature of CEP and CES.

How do I test a certificate enrollment on a Web service?

Open the Certification Authority console. Right-click the CA, and then click Properties. On the Security tab, click Add. In the Select Users, Computers, Service Accounts, or Groups dialog box, type the name of service account for the Certificate Enrollment Service.

How do I use certificate enrollment in Web services?

Go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings, and then click Public Key Policies. Enable the Certificate Services Client – Auto-Enrollment policy to match the settings in the following screenshot. Enable Certificate Services Client – Certificate Enrollment Policy.

How do I install Certificate Authority CA server and create certificates?

Adding server role and installing certificate

  1. Select Server Manager and click Add Role.
  2. Select Certification Authority under Role Services and click Next.
  3. Select Enterprise under Setup Type and click Next.
  4. Select Root CA under CA Type and click Next.
  5. Select SHA256 and click Next.

How do I import a certificate into Windows server 2012?

How to import an SSL certificate on Windows 2012 R2 / IIS 8.5

  1. Open the mmc console:
  2. click File > Add/Remove Snap-in…
  3. select Certificates.
  4. select Computer account.
  5. click certificates > All Tasks > Import…
  6. click ‘Browse’ on the Certificate Import Wizard.
  7. select ‘All Files (*.*)’ in the drop down menu.

How do I add a Web server certificate template?

To add a new template to certificate templates:

  1. Connect to the Root CA server or Subordinate CA server through RDP.
  2. Click Start > Run, type certsrv.
  3. In the left pane, if collapsed, expand the node by clicking the [+] icon.
  4. Right-click Certificate Templates and click New > Certificate Template to Issue.

How do you deploy a computer certificate via group policy?

In the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), go to “Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Public Key Policies”. Right-click on the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store. Click on “Import” and follow the steps in the Certificate Import Wizard to import the downloaded certificate.