How do you beat the water balloon toss?

How do you beat the water balloon toss?

How do you beat the water balloon toss?

With your Little Leaguer in an athletic stance, stand approximately five feet apart and begin to toss the water balloons underhand. The player should focus on securing and catching the balloon with two-hands. The toss should be arcing and easy for the receiver to catch in the air, using two hands.

What should I wear to a water balloon fight?

Radiant-colored tees, no matter short-sleeved, long-sleeved, or no sleeves, goes super well with shorts with contrasting colors. We recommend that you wear pants or skirts with buttons or ropes better than the elastic ones, so you bottoms don’t soak in water and fall off after a few minutes of water fight.

How do you make water balloons more fun?


  1. Water Balloon Toss Game.
  2. Water Balloon Spoon Race.
  3. Water Balloon Musical Chairs (Hot Potato)
  4. Water Balloon Squat Race.
  5. Water Balloon Ring Toss.
  6. Water Balloon Back-To-Back Challenge.
  7. Water Balloon Painting.
  8. Water Balloon Roll (Bowling!)

How do you throw a water balloon?

Form two straight lines, with teammates facing each other. Then have each player take a big step back from their teammate and toss the balloon to them. The opposite player must catch the balloon without popping it.

How do you play water balloon game?

Get the kids to sit in a circle and start passing around a water balloon. Start playing some music and then, at random intervals, turn off the music. Whoever is left holding the water balloon or whoever pops it is the one out. The last child left in the game is the winner.

How do you win every water fight?

We’ve honed in our tactics over time that allow us to win the water battle every time….How To Win A Water Balloon Fight:

  1. Find Good Cover.
  2. Stay On The Move.
  3. Be Unpredictable.
  4. Have Proper Stance.
  5. Dress Appropriately.
  6. Map Out The Battlefield.
  7. Practice Throwing.
  8. Keep Extra Ammo Nearby.

How do you make water balloons pop?

You can use an empty glue bottle, fill it up with water, and squeeze the liquid into the balloon. You can also blow up the balloon first, then fill it with water.

How do you paint water balloons?

Squirt some washable paint into a water balloon. Fit a water balloon over a bottle of washable paint. Turn the bottle over and squirt some paint into the balloon. Don’t fill the entire balloon with paint, however. You need room for the water.

Is there a secret to the water balloon toss?

One of the favorite party games that many love to play is the water balloon toss. Everyone loves it because of the excitement of not letting it pop, and the concentration it takes to catch it after getting further with each turn. There is actually a secret to doing well or even winning this game.

What is the best way to throw a water balloon?

Use your fakes judiciously. Aim for the center of your target. Aim for your target’s body just above the stomach. This spot will give you the widest margin of error if your throw isn’t perfect. What is something easy I can wear to give me an advantage during a water balloon fight?

What happens if you hold a water balloon too tightly?

Gripping a water balloon too tightly can cause it to pop in your hand but a loose grip could hurt your throwing accuracy. Keep in mind that the water will shift around in the balloon. If you’re having difficulty handling the balloon, it may help to hold your hand underneath the balloon and throw it overhand in a catapult motion.

Can you catch balloons in a water fight?

If your opponent is throwing balloons designed for water fights, known as water bombs, they will have a harder exterior and will be much easier to catch. If you’re fighting with cheaper party balloons, you may want to avoid trying to catch them because they will break more easily.