How do you become a skyscraper window cleaner?

How do you become a skyscraper window cleaner?

How do you become a skyscraper window cleaner?

Apply directly with a certified window washing company. Be sure that they have a good safety record and offer training. Certification is through the International Window Cleaning Association. The IWCA ensures safety standards of companies and certifies window washers as High-Rise Specialists.

How much do skyscraper window cleaners get paid UK?

The skyscraper has 87 floors but is only occupied for business and pleasure to the 72nd storey. The pay on offer is £390 a week with shifts to fill between 6am to 2pm, six days a week.

Do you need a license to be a window cleaner UK?

Do I need a Licence to be a window cleaner? Yes. You need a window cleaner’s licence to work as a window cleaner or run a window cleaning business. You can apply for a window cleaner’s licence via your local council.

Do window cleaners need qualifications?

What Training and Qualifications should Window Cleaners Have? As with many professions there are a plethora of training providers. With no regulatory body to determine the suitability, level and relevance of such training many window cleaners start a business offering services with no training or qualifications.

Is high-rise window cleaning hard?

Being a high-rise window cleaning definitely requires bravery. The job of a window cleaner is a challenging one and it requires from the worker to be physically capable and have some preparation in advance.

How much does a window cleaner earn UK?

It is therefore difficult to give an accurate level of earnings. However, it would be fair to say that £20-£30 per hour is a generally conservative estimate for a domestic window cleaner.

How much do skyscraper window cleaners get paid London?

Rates of pay to be agreed dependent on experience, but will be between £15 and £20 per hour.

How often do skyscraper windows get cleaned?

For this reason, high rise window cleaning services should be performed twice a year; more frequently on new construction and buildings exposed to salt. We recommend having your high rise windows cleaned once in spring, and again before winter.

How much can a window cleaner earn UK?

Can a window cleaner use a ladder?

Portable ladders have traditionally been used mainly for cleaning domestic premise windows on ground, first and second floors. Whilst use of a ladder should not be your automatic choice, it can be the most sensible and practical option for low-risk, short duration tasks.

How hard is it to be a window cleaner?

It doesn’t require any experience or formal education, so it’s easy to become a window cleaner. The job does require you to be in good physical condition since you’ll be on your feet and climbing up and down ladders. The owner or manager will train you on everything you’ll need to know.

How often do high-rise windows get washed?