How do you get tickets for 2022 AFL?

How do you get tickets for 2022 AFL?

How do you get tickets for 2022 AFL?

Ticketholders need a My Ticketmaster account to access their 2022 AFL tickets. Sign up or sign in here. Only purchase through Ticketmaster to guarantee you have a valid ticket for entry on game day.

How do you get tickets to AFL MCG?

Tickets to all events at the MCG are sold through Ticketek. You can also purchase tickets to MCG matches through Ticketek via phone on 132 849 or visit an agency. Tickets to some events, such as domestic cricket, can only be purchased on the day of the event at the MCG.

Who is selling AFL tickets?

Ticket Agent

Ticket Agent
Mars Stadium Ticketmaster
Optus Stadium – Fremantle Ticketmaster
Optus Stadium – West Coast Eagles Ticketmaster
SCG Ticketek

Are Ticketek and Ticketmaster the same?

But it’s not just Ticketmaster – Ticketek, the other half of the Aussie ticket-sales duopoly, also add on extra charges, including a ‘service/delivery fee’ and credit card surcharge.

How much does the MCG cost?

Free admission is provided for a carer of customers holding a government issued companion card. *Additional child tickets can be purchased for families with more than two children from the Ticket Booth on arrival for $5 for MCG Tours….

MCG Tours
Adult $30
Concession $24
Child (5-15) $15
Child (Under 5) FREE

Who owns Ticketek Australia?

TEG Pty Ltd
Nine Entertainment Co.
Ticketek/Parent organizations

Is Ticketek part of Ticketmaster?

Ticketek Pty Ltd also own the simplified ticket management company Eventopia….Ticketek.

Type Subsidiary
Products Sport and entertainment admission ticketing
Owner ecorp
Parent TEG Pty Ltd
Subsidiaries Softix, Eventopia

Can AFL Members get guest passes?

Guests of AFL Members may purchase a discounted guest pass into the MCG AFL Reserve if they hold a club membership that meets the following criteria: A membership of the home team which has home-game entry entitlements at the MCG; or.

What does AFL membership give you?

21.3 Bronze Membership: Bronze Membership is available to all current AFL Members and, subject to availability, members of the general public and will include access* to up to 10 matches at the MCG during the 2022 Toyota AFL Premiership Season (excluding Anzac Day) plus access* to the 2022 Toyota AFL Finals Series …