How do you make German lessons fun?

How do you make German lessons fun?

How do you make German lessons fun?


  1. Organize Your Office and Home in German.
  2. Listen to German Music or Podcasts.
  3. Play a German Board Game or Video Game.
  4. Find a Group or Conversation Partner.
  5. Print Out German Lyrics and Sing Around the House.
  6. Create Your Shopping Lists in German.
  7. Read German Newspapers, Books, Blogs and Magazines.

How do I teach my kid German?

  1. Make it a family thing. The best way to learn is in an environment where everybody is learning.
  2. Read books.
  3. Get fun activity magazines.
  4. Watch TV.
  5. Let them meet German children.
  6. Get a German babysitter.
  7. Play games together.
  8. Allow them to use apps and interactive games.

How do I start teaching in Germany?

Try traditional teaching methods for a structured approach.

  1. Traditional methods that focus on grammar, syntax, and vocabulary may be best for students who want to focus on building their German reading proficiency.
  2. Some teachers and students may find it helpful to combine both methods.

What’s the best way to learn German?

As with any language, the fastest and best way to learn German is through total immersion, preferably through living in a German-speaking country.

What do you do in German class?

9 Great German Classroom Activities to Revitalize Your Lessons

  • The Icebreaker. What better way to kick off your lesson than with an icebreaker?
  • Crosswords and Word Scrambles.
  • Going Native.
  • At the Movies.
  • Arts and Crafts.
  • Roleplaying.
  • Cooking Class.
  • Trail of Post-Its.

What should you learn first in German?

Start with learning the German alphabet. Listen to how each letter sounds on its own compared to letter combinations. Listen for differences between English and German letter sounds, too. Just like in English, two letters together can sound quite different from either of the two letters by themselves.

How do you teach in German?

The first step in gaining certification is pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education or German. In order to teach at the college level, a master’s degree in German is usually required. Potential teachers will need a background in both education and German in order to become certified as a German teacher.

How can I become a German teacher online?

10 Virtually Perfect Places to Find an Online German Tutor

  1. Verbling. Verbling is a platform where qualified teachers who are also native speakers of German can offer their tutoring services on an hourly rate basis.
  3. Easy German.
  4. italki.
  5. German Online Institute.
  6. Verbalplanet.
  7. Tutors-Live.

How to make a good German Lesson Plan?

Build lessons around your idea: Once you have your objective, simply build the lesson plan around it. Choose a topic to combine with the grammar and the vocabulary, and use it to make the language come together with the wider world of German.

How to teach German grammar to ESL students?

To get started, you need something to break the ice and reel your students in: an activity, watching a video, listening to a song, playing a game. Teach students in chunks: As you probably already know, German grammar is a vast field, and there is an almost endless list of vocabulary to learn.

How to teach German numbers in classroom?

You can easily use the Roman Empire to teach German numbers. Kick-start the session using the above examples of Germany’s Roman heritage. Then, go through the German numbers with your students.

How can I teach my students about politics in Germany?

If your students enjoyed learning about politics, teach them about more aspects of German culture with the help of FluentU, so that they benefit from a truly interactive learning experience. FluentU takes authentic videos videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.