How good were German soldiers in ww2?

How good were German soldiers in ww2?

How good were German soldiers in ww2?

The firepower of a German infantry division far exceeded that of a French, British, or Polish division; the standard German division included 442 machine guns, 135 mortars, 72 antitank guns, and 24 howitzers. Allied divisions had a firepower only slightly greater than that of World War I.

How strong was the German Army in ww2?

10 Million Soldiers of the Heer During the course of World War II, the strength of the Heer approached 10 million men at its peak. Between 1939 and 1945, the Heer suffered more than 4.2 million dead and nearly 400,000 taken prisoner, bearing by far the heaviest burden of the fight for Nazi Germany.

What were German troops called in ww2?

the Wehrmacht
However, it is important to remember that under the Nazi Regime the German military—known as the Wehrmacht—participated in Nazi crimes, including the Holocaust.

Who had the strongest army in ww2?

Nazi German Army After the prolonged stalemates of World War I, Nazi Germany’s Army—the Wehrmacht— shocked Europe and the world by overrunning most of Central and Western Europe in a matter of months. At one point, the Nazi German forces even seemed poised to conquer the massive Soviet Union.

What made the German army so good in WW2?

The bulk of the German army advanced in WWII as they did in WWI as fast as a Landser could walk. Yes, the Panzer divisions and SS Divisions had transport and could make stunning advances, but the majority of German divisions relied on feet to move troops and horses to pull nearly everything else from artillery to Panje wagons their horse drawn field kitchen used to feed the troops.

What were the German soldiers called in WW2?

telephone,telegraph and transmission operators,

  • administrative clerks,typists and messengers,
  • operators of listening equipment,in anti-aircraft defense,operating projectors for anti-aircraft defense,employees within meteorology services,and auxiliary civil defense personnel
  • What was the most elite German troops WW2?

    st company – men from Baltic/Russian territories

  • nd company – Volksdeutsche from Romania;
  • rd company – Sudeten Germans who spoke Czech,Slovak,and Ruthenian
  • th company – Volksdeutsche from Yugoslavia
  • Who has the best soldiers in WW2?

    Up to 8,500 U.S. troops could soon be heading to Eastern Europe – bolstering an American military presence in the continent Since the end of World War II, the United States has deployed hundreds of thousands of service members to Europe.