How is punching shear force calculated?

How is punching shear force calculated?

How is punching shear force calculated?

For an interior punching shear perimeter this will always be L1/2 or L2/2. For edge and corner cases this value is calculated as the moment of area of the shear perimeter/area of the sides.

How is pile cap size calculated?

Worked Example: Design of Pile Cap consider 150mm offset from the pile and space between piles as 2.5 times pile diameter. Effective depth, d = 1000-50-20/2 = 940 mm > 750mm; (2.5×600/2) Ok. The critical section of the pile shall be considered as 20% of the diameter of the pile inside of the face of the pile.

How is pile cap reinforcement calculated?

Number of bar (12 ф @ 125 c/c) = [Length of bar / Spacing] + 1 = [4000 / 125] + 1 = 33 nos. Number of bar (12 @ 125 c/c) = [Length of bar / Spacing] + 1 = [2000 / 125] + 1 = 17 nos….How To Make BBS Of Pile Foundation & Pile Cap – LCETED.

Length No vertical rods used in piles Diameter of steel
0 to -12 m 16nos 25Ø

What is punching shear force?

Punching shear arises when a concentrated load is applied to a small area of a slab or, most commonly, the reaction of a column against a slab. The resulting stresses are verified along defined control perimeters around the loaded area.

How do you calculate pile cap excavation?

Pile concrete volume is calculated with the subsequent formula:

  1. πr2h (here, r indicates pile radius and h indicates pile height)
  2. Therefore, concrete volume = πr2h x 3 (since there are three numbers pile caps)

How deep should pile caps be?

The tops of vertical deep foundation elements shall be embedded not less than 3 inches (76 mm) into pile caps and the caps shall extend not less than 4 inches (102 mm) beyond the edges of the elements. The tops of elements shall be cut or chipped back to sound material before capping.

What is pile cap reinforcement?

The pile cap is a mat-like structure which is made of cement, sand and small aggregates. This mixture is placed in the required place, and it is supported by the framework to resist the whole structure from sagging and crack, this entire process is termed as shuttering and reinforcing.

What is the critical section for punching shear?

critical section for the punching shear appears at a distance “d/2” to from the junction of the column with the footing in the two directions occurs in the rectangular section formed by the points 5, 6, 7 and 8, as shown in Fig. …

What is punching shear strength of pile cap?

One is the punching shear strength of pile cap due to the concentered load of the column and the other is the shear strength of pile caps due to the reactions of a pile or group of piles.

What is punching shear calculation?

OVERVIEW Punching shear calculation applies to column-supported slabs, classified as two-way structural systems.

How to select the shear perimeter of a pile cap?

The guideline given in BS 5400 can be used to select the shear perimeter. Consider the design of a pile cap supporting two pile and a single column on the pile cap. consider 150mm offset from the pile and space between piles as 2.5 times pile diameter.

What is the ACI 318-14 punching shear equation?

From ACI 318-14 Section 21.2.1 (ACI 318-11 Section 9.3.5, the ϕ factor for shear is 0.55 (as compared to 0.75 for reinforced concrete). The punching shear equation for structural plain concrete (ACI 318-14 Table 318-11 Equation 22-10) is the reinforced punching shear equations taken with a 2/3 factor.