How long does it take to get 1000 chompy kills?

How long does it take to get 1000 chompy kills?

How long does it take to get 1000 chompy kills?

Chompy birds can be killed relatively quickly, ranging anywhere from 100-350 kills per hour with the optimal set up, for an expected 1,000 kills within five hours of game time. After finding a hunting spot, inflate all bellows in your inventory.

How do you catch a chompy bird Osrs?

Chompy birds are part of the Chompy bird hunting activity. They can only be killed after completing the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest. Killing them requires a comp ogre bow or ogre bow with brutal arrows or ogre arrows. They cannot be killed with melee or Magic.

Can you reclaim Chompy Bird hats?

The bowman hat is a member’s only decorative chompy bird hat. To wear this hat the player needs at least 5 Fletching and 30 Ranged. To obtain this hat the player must first kill at least 40 chompies, then talk to Rantz. If the hat is lost, it can also be reclaimed from him.

Do you need Chompy Bird hats?

In addition, players must have level 5 Fletching, level 30 Ranged, and have killed at least 30 chompy or jubbly birds (or a combination of both). You need to carry your ogre bow in order to claim the hats, and then talk to Rantz….Navigation.

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Do you have to pluck chompy to get pet?

The Chompy chick is a pet that can be received as a rare drop from chompy birds (not jubbly birds), and can only be obtained by players who have completed the elite Western Provinces diary and received its rewards. There is a chance to receive the pet when the chompy bird is killed and when it is plucked.

Can you reclaim chompy bird hats?

Do you need chompy bird hats?

How do you make a stabber Osrs?

  1. Talk to Rantz at the northeastern corner of the Feldip Hills and he will ask you to make him some “Stabbers”, which are Ogre arrows.
  2. Use Chisel on your Wolf bones to craft them into Wolfbone arrowtips (kill some of the nearby wolves if you need bones).
  3. Return to Rantz and give him the 6 Ogre arrows.

How do you cook raw chompy?

A raw chompy is obtained by killing a chompy bird. It can be cooked on a iron spit or ogre spit roast at Rantz house, to make cooked chompy. Failure to cook it properly will result in a ruined chompy.