How much Brinks Mat gold was recovered?

How much Brinks Mat gold was recovered?

How much Brinks Mat gold was recovered?

The robbers thought that they were going to steal £3.2 million in cash, but they found three long tons (3,000 kilograms; 98,000 troy ounces) of gold bullion and stole £26 million (equivalent to £100 million in 2020) worth of gold, diamonds, and cash.

What happened to the Brinks Mat gold?

Noye appeared in court in 1986 after police found 11 gold bars worth £100,000 on his premises. He was found guilty of handling the Brink’s Mat gold and was sentenced to 14 years in prison. He is currently serving time in prison for the 1996 roadrage killing of 21-year-old Stephen Cameron on the M25 in Kent.

Who committed Brinks Mat robbery?

HE was the mastermind behind the £26million Brink’s-Mat heist. But friends say Brian Robinson, who later managed to turn his life around, “didn’t have a tanner” when he finally emerged from prison.

What is the biggest gold heist?

The 1983 Brink’s-Mat heist
The 1983 Brink’s-Mat heist It was a massive heist of gold bullion unlike almost any other that came before it, though it involved greedy men with guns and violent actions. The National had described it as being “the world’s biggest peacetime robbery ever.”

Why is it called the Brinks Mat robbery?

Within weeks of the heist, both moved from humble South London council houses to a grand estate in Kent, paid for in cash. Rumours that McAvoy had bought two Rottweiler dogs to protect his mansion and named them ‘Brinks’ and ‘Mat’, did not win him any awards for subtlety.

What happened to the money from the Brinks robbery?

None of the money is known to have been recovered . The FBI said 11 men—all with criminal records—took part in the robbery of the money transfer office in Boston six years ago . The FBI announced the arrest of six men on charges of conspiracy to violate federal laws , bank robbery and theft of government property .

Is the curse based on Brinks Mat?

Is The Curse based on a true story? The comedy series is loosely inspired by the infamous Brink’s-Mat robbery of 1983 where £26 million worth of gold bullion, diamonds and cash was stolen from a warehouse at the Heathrow International Trading Estate by six robbers.