How much damage does highwind do?

How much damage does highwind do?

How much damage does highwind do?

Highwind ignores physical resistance, but also ignores physical weaknesses; it will deal 100% damage whether it is resistant, normal, or weakness.

How do you get Barrett’s limit breaks?

How to obtain it: Use the Catastrophe item on Barret after he has learned all of his other Limit Breaks. Catastrophe can be obtained by revisiting Barret’s home town of North Corel after retrieving the Huge Materia and stopping the oncoming train.

How do you get Barrett’s Level 4 Limit Break?

Barret’s Level 4 Limit Break is one of the more easy ones to obtain. You can pick it up after you have completed the Huge Materia on the train side quest in Mount Corel. Return to North Corel and speak to the woman in the Inn to receive the item. Catastrophe hits 10 times for 125% of normal attack damage.

What is Climhazzard?

Climhazzard (クライムハザード, Kuraimu Hazādo?, lit. Climb Hazard), also known as Ascension, is a recurring attack mainly used by the Knight class, though it originated as a Limit Break for Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII. Its appearances are almost directly related to the appearance of the character himself.

How do you get ultimate weapon Yuffies?

Inside the generator room is Yuffie’s ultimate weapon, the Conformer. After the rocket in Rocket Town has been launched, talk to the old man outside the Item shop. He’s the one who’s been so obsessed with the rocket. If you speak with him several time, he’ll eventually give you Cid’s ultimate weapon, the Venus Gospel.

Why can I get Tifa’s final Limit Break?

Tifa’s Level 4 Limit Break is called Final Heaven and it can be obtained anytime after Cloud has rejoined your party (after you pick him up in Mideel on Disc 2). You have to return to Tifa’s house and play the piano up in her room. Check out the returning to Nibelheim side quest section for more information.

Is Reeve Cait Sith?

It is soon revealed “Reeve” was a robot controlled from the inside by Cait Sith, who was being controlled by the real Reeve.

How do I get Don Corneo to pick cloud?

If Cloud obtains all of the highest grade items (a silk dress, a diamond tiara, a blonde wig, and sexy cologne) Corneo will choose him. The quality of the make-up work Cloud can have done is random, and the Bikini Briefs and Lingerie key items do not affect the value at all.