How much is the 360 observation deck in Chicago?

How much is the 360 observation deck in Chicago?

How much is the 360 observation deck in Chicago?

$20 for adults
Observation Deck Hours and Pricing General admission: $20 for adults (ages 12+); $13 for youth (3-11); free for children under 3. Additional ticket options such as Total Tower Experience, FastPass, and Sun & Stars are available online.

What is the difference between 360 Chicago and Skydeck?

Skydeck Chicago’s observatory is higher than 360 Chicago’s observatory. Skydeck is on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, at the height of 412 meters (1353 feet). 360 Chicago is on the 94th-floor of the John Hancock Building, at the height of 305 meters (1000 feet).

What building is 360 Chicago in?

360 CHICAGO offers the best views of Chicago from the top of the former John Hancock Center. 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck offers breathtaking panoramic views of Chicago from 1,000 feet above the famed Magnificent Mile.

How much is the tilt in Chicago?

TILT is located in the 360 CHICAGO’s south area, allowing guests to experience both south and westward views of Chicago. The cost will be an introductory rate of $5 per experience, plus the cost of general admission to the Observatory.

Do you need reservations for 360 Chicago?

There are no reservations needed, no dress code, and no drink minimum. BAR 94 is the highest bar with a full 360-degree view in Chicago.

Is there a weight limit for 360 tilt?

2 answers. Hi there! There is no weight limit for TILT.

How long does it take to do 360 Chicago observation deck?

Is there a time limit for my visit? No. You are welcome to stay as long as you like. Most guests spend about 45 minutes to an hour on the 94th floor.

Which is taller Willis or Hancock?

The tallest is the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), which rises 1,450 feet and has four glass-bottomed ledges on its 103rd-floor Skydeck that jut out 4.3 feet from the structure and give the impression of standing in midair. The John Hancock Center (now officially known as 875 N. Michigan Ave.)

Is there a weight limit for tilt 360 Chicago?