How much is the latest Magic Sing in the Philippines?

How much is the latest Magic Sing in the Philippines?

How much is the latest Magic Sing in the Philippines?


  • MagicSing Diamond S-Class Php 36,800.00. Qty. Add to Cart.
  • MagicSing Titanium Max Php 26,800.00. Qty. Add to Cart.
  • MagicSing Karat Premium Php 18,900.00. Qty. Add to Cart.
  • MagicSing BT Prime Php 11,900.00. Qty. Add to Cart.
  • ADDITIONAL WIRELESS… Php 5,800.00. Qty.
  • DYNAMIC MICROPHONE Php 1,700.00. Qty. Add to Cart.

How heavy is Magic Sing?

4.93 Pounds
NO ADDITIONAL COST: You pay $0 for repairs – parts, labor and shipping included. COVERAGE: Plan starts on the date of purchase. Drops, spills and cracked screens due to normal use covered from day one. Malfunctions covered after the manufacturer’s warranty….

Brand Magic Sing
Item Weight 4.93 Pounds

How do you load Magic Sing?

For Android Phone

  1. Please search “Magicsing Karaoke” at GOOGLE PLAY, and install it on your phone.
  2. Scratch the grey area to open the code.
  3. When you open the Magicsing app, please find ≡ button and click.
  4. Please click “Voucher registration.”

How do I upgrade my Magic Sing?

Extract/Unzip the contents of the Zip file to the root folder of the USB memory device. Do no place in any sub folders. Turn off the Magic Sing karaoke machine and insert USB memory stick into the karaoke machine. After the upgrade is complete, turn off your Magic Sing machine.

How much is a videoke machine in Philippines?

Bosca Bluetooth Power Amplifier Digital Karaoke Player C-6901L….Top Karaoke Players Price List 2022.

Top 10 products Price Store
Megapro D750 Karaoke Player ₱ 1,099.00 Shopee
Megapro Doremi D-790 ₱ 1,050.00 Shopee
Megapro MP1000 ₱ 3,774.96 Lazada
The Platinum KS-5 Karaoke Player ₱ 1,084.00 Shopee

When did wow Magic Sing come out?

In 2004 they’ve started in the karaoke industry and were called Magic Sing Premium/Magic Sing Videoke Microphone when they were first released in 2004. They have got big popularity right away that the company made more WOW! MS products.

What is Videoke in the Philippines?

Videoke is a very popular form of entertainment in the Philippines. An entertainment in which novice singers or just anybody who wants to consider singing, sing alongside with recorded new music utilizing a microphone.

Was karaoke invented in the Philippines?

But it is Filipino inventor Roberto del Rosario who holds the machine’s patent. He developed the Karaoke Sing-Along System in 1975. Since then, singing has become a central part of pop culture in the Philippines.