Is Avanse a private company?

Is Avanse a private company?

Is Avanse a private company?

Avanse Education Loans, a new age education finance company is an Associate Company of Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL), India’s leading housing finance company in the private sector. We are a sensitive, advanced private finance company specializing in the niche space of education.

Who owns Avanse financial?

Warburg Pincus, a leading global private equity firm holds 80% of equity stake in Avanse. With over $65 billion in private equity assets under management across 185 companies. Warburg Pincus has a highly diversified portfolio by stage, sector and geography.

Who is the CEO of Avanse?

Amit Gainda
Chief Executive Officer, Avanse Financial Services Ltd.

Is Avanse regulated by RBI?

Avanse Financial Services Ltd is a Company registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC).

Is Avanse is NBFC?

Avanse is a Non‐banking Finance Company (NBFC) and is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

What is the interest rate of Avanse finance?

Key Highlights

Eligibility Criteria Students 18 years old and above
Loan Tenure Up to 10 years
Loan Amount No cap
Interest Rate Base Lending Rate 11.5%
Processing Fees 1%-2% of the loan amount

Is Avanse a NBFC?

About Avanse Education Loans Avanse is a Non‐banking Finance Company (NBFC) and is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

How does Avanse work?

The most common method of Avanse Loan Repayment is to pay partial interest while the student is studying. The rest of the money is paid as part of the EMI on compound interest terms after the student has completed his course.

Is Avanse education loan Safe?

With Avanse, you are in safe hands! We are a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC), regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

Is it easy to get loan from Avanse?

The hassle-free application process offered by the company helps students get access to education loans very easily. The company also provides education loans for students who wish to study abroad. Students can apply for Avanse education loan even before they enrollSpread is a floating interest rate in their course.

Is Avanse Education loan Safe?

How is your experience with Avanse for education loan?

I really had a great experience with Avanse, when I opted for an education loan for PGPM. Avanse provided a tailor-made solution to me, and today I feel awesome because I am pursuing my dream.

What are the hours of Avanse Financial Services Limited?

Our representatives are available between 10 am – 7 pm (IST) Monday to Saturday. Except Public Holiday. Avanse Financial Services Limited. Visakhapatnam -530016. For anything that you may need, we are right here! Write to us for any Suggestions or Complaints and we will get back to you.

Does Avanse cover the cost of Education?

We cover the holistic cost of education. For example, you can get finance for the following: So, as you can see, when you opt for a study loan from Avanse, you won’t have to worry about any education-related expenses.

Can I prepay my Avanse education loan?

Yes, if you are able, you can definitely prepay your education loan, and charges for prepaying will depend on the prevailing policy of Avanse. Will the loan cover all my education-related expenses?