Is Dean Village worth visiting?

Is Dean Village worth visiting?

Is Dean Village worth visiting?

Every visitor knows to visit the Edinburgh Castle, walk the Royal Mile, eat haggis, climb Arthur’s Seat, and go whisky tasting. But there are sights off the main tourist trail that are so worth your time. One of these underrated but incredibly scenic spots is Dean Village.

Can you live in Dean Village Edinburgh?

North west of Edinburgh’s City Centre, it has a lot of good local amenities. Its properties vary from traditional Victorian flats to modern developments, townhouses and mews houses. Dean Village is within easy reach of the West End, with a number of restaurants and bars within close proximity.

Why is it called Dean Village?

Originally the centre of the Water of Leith Mills Dean Village, meaning ‘deep valley’ has been standing in Edinburgh – in one form or another – for a very long time.

What’s in Dean Village Edinburgh?

The Best Things to Do in Dean Village, Edinburgh

  • View the best in modern art at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
  • Imbibe the healing waters from St Bernard’s Well.
  • Experience a snapshot of the Victorian era at Well Court.
  • Be awed by the grandiose headstones of the rich and famous at Dean Cemetery.

How do I explore the Dean Village?

The easiest way to get to Dean Village is to walk to the far-western end of Princes Street and turn north up Queensferry Street. Follow the road till you see the Dean Bridge – you can’t miss it – and keep your eyes open for a road called Bells Brae which turns off at 45-degrees down a shallow slope.

Can you drive to Dean Village?

How old is the Dean Village?

800 years
The Dean Village is arguably one of the most photogenic areas of the city, with rows of mews houses, former mills and industrial buildings and leafy outlook. As with the rest of Edinburgh, the Dean Village has an interesting history, which stretches back over 800 years.

What is a dean in Scotland?

Dean of (the) Faculty, (1) the head of a Faculty (q.v.) in a Scottish University; (2) “the elected leader of the Bar, whether of the Faculty of Advocates or of a local Bar of solicitors” (Sc. 1946 A. D. Gibb Legal Terms 26).

Where do you park for Dean Village Edinburgh?

There is no parking in Dean Village, meaning your best bet is to park close by. There is a car park at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and from there it takes between 5-10 minutes to walk to Dean Bridge at the centre of Dean Village.

What makes Edinburgh’s Dean Village so special?

The most striking building in the Dean Village is Well Court, recently restored with support from Edinburgh World Heritage. Built in the 1880s as model housing for local workers, it adds to the picturesque charm of the area.

What is the Dean Village?

The Dean Village is a tranquil green oasis on the Water of Leith, only five minutes walk from Princes Street. In the past the village housed mills of various kinds, and the remnants of the industry can still be seen today.

Where is Dean village in Leith Scotland?

Dean Village. Situated five minutes away from Princes Street, visitors can find the Dean Village, a beautiful oasis right by the Water of Leith. Dean Village was previously where milling of water mills took place, of which remains of this can still be seen by visitors.

When was the Dean building in Edinburgh built?

This building was built in the 1880s and housed local workers who worked at the water mills. Just a short walk away, visitors can also browse exhibitions in the Dean Gallery and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.