Is Lovers Beach in Cabo swimmable?

Is Lovers Beach in Cabo swimmable?

Is Lovers Beach in Cabo swimmable?

Lover’s Beach This beautiful swimmable beach is only accessible by boat. Getting there usually includes a stop by the iconic Arch at Land’s End, and there are plenty of great snorkeling spots along the way as well.

Why is it called Lovers Beach Cabo?

It is said that the name is due to the fact that two seas are united: the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. Others attribute it to the history of two lovers from the 18th Century: a Japanese sailor that was rescued by an inhabitant of the region.

How do you get to Lovers Beach in Cabo?

Lover’s Beach is not accessible by foot or car, which means you can only get there easily by boat. Catching a ride from Medano Beach or the marina on a water taxi is a quick option, or you can get there in a boat equipped with a glass bottom that allows you to view the fish and other sea life underneath you.

How long is the boat ride to Lovers Beach?

Take a fun trip in a glass bottom boat to the fabled Lovers Beach in Cabo San Lucas. See tropical fish and sea life go by as you take the quick 10 minute ride over to the beautiful hidden expanses of Lovers Beach.

Where is Lovers beach and Divorce beach?

Cabo San Lucas
Beaches are year-round attractions in Cabo San Lucas, and two of the Los Cabos area’s most beautiful stretches of golden sands are found amidst the granite rock formations at Land’s End, at the southernmost point of Baja California peninsula.

What is divorce beach?

Divorce Beach or Playa Divorcio situated on the Pacific at Cabo San Lucas. This stretch of clean white sand is located on the Pacific coast a short walk from Lover’s Beach. Divorce Beach is shown in the foreground of these pictures with Lover’s Beach facing the harbor.

Can you snorkel at Lovers Beach?

Snorkel at Lovers Beach for Calm Waters Also known as Playa de Amore, Lovers Beach gives you a calming snorkel experience. For most seasons, the waters are safe and warm. It is a great spot to explore Cabo’s marine life.

Can you kayak to Lovers Beach?

Arch & Lover’s Beach, The 3 Bay For half-day kayaking and snorkeling tours, there are the popular Arch & Lover’s Beach and The 3 Bay tours. Glide your way past the famous El Arco (The Arch) in Cabo San Lucas and follow it up with a snorkel out to Neptune’s Finger.