What are high school graduation requirements in Maryland?

What are high school graduation requirements in Maryland?

What are high school graduation requirements in Maryland?

To be awarded a Maryland High School Diploma, a student must meet the service learning requirements. A student must either complete 75 hours of student service or complete a locally designed program in student service that has been approved by the state Superintendent. See COMAR 13A.

How many service hours do you need to graduate high school in Maryland?

75 hours
How many hours of service do I/my child need to earn in order to fulfill the service-learning graduation requirement? Maryland students must engage in 75 hours of service-learning at a minimum in order to receive a Maryland State High School Diploma.

How many English credits are required for graduation Maryland?

4 credits
Full details on graduation requirements can be found in the current course catalog.

Grade 9 in SY21-22 or Later
English 4 credits, including: 1 credit each in English 9, 10, 11, and 12
Mathematics 4 credits and 4 years of participation, including: 1 credit each in Algebra I and Geometry; 2 credits beyond Geometry

How many credits do you need to graduate from Maryland?

A minimum of 120 successfully completed course credits is required for graduation in any degree curriculum; however, individual colleges, schools, and departments may establish higher requirements for graduation. Check with your advisor for specific information.

What test do you need to pass to graduate high school in Maryland?

To be awarded the Maryland High School Diploma, all students, including elementary and middle school students who take high school level courses, shall take the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment for algebra, science, English, and government after the student completes the required course or courses. [C.

How many days can you miss in high school and still graduate in Maryland?

15 days in any semester, OR. 20 days in a school year.

Do you need community service to graduate high school Maryland?

The Maryland State Board of Education requires every public high school student to complete at least 75 service hours to graduate.

Can I graduate with an E?

Can I graduate with a grade ‘E’ in a core course in the College of Humanities? Yes.

What high school diploma do I need to apply to IU?

All nine IU campuses require students to earn an accredited high school diploma or equivalent before enrollment. If you’re currently a high school student, this just means you should be on track to earn your diploma when you apply to IU.

What age can you dropout of school in Maryland?

Site staff. The age of when a student is allowed to drop out of high school in Maryland, has increased. The new Age of Compulsory School Attendance law, Senate Bill 362 that was signed into law in 2012, has now raised the compulsory school attendance age to 17.