What are the top 10 photography websites?

What are the top 10 photography websites?

What are the top 10 photography websites?

Best Photography Websites

  • James Tye. This site is different from most others showcased on this page because of the sticky footer navigation menu.
  • Pedro on the World.
  • Dave Hill.
  • Mike Kelley.
  • Peter McKinnon.
  • This Wild Idea.
  • Greg Ross.
  • Giles Clement.

Where can I create a photography blog?

Community sites like 500px, Flickr and Instagram are great, but learning how to make a photography blog for yourself is the best long term option. Despite all the website platforms that cater especially for photographers (e.g. Squarespace), I highly recommend you choose WordPress and your own dedicated hosting.

Where can I showcase my photography?

Top photo-sharing platforms for photographers for this year

  • Flickr. Cost. Main benefits. Main downsides.
  • 500PX. Cost. Main benefits. Main downsides.
  • Behance. Cost. Main benefits.
  • Instagram. Cost. Main benefits.
  • Smugmug. Cost. Main benefits.
  • Photobucket. Cost. Main benefits.
  • Pixpa. Cost. Main benefits.
  • Fhotomerchant. Cost. Main benefits.

What are the best travel photography blogs on the Internet?

Trey’s website StuckInCustoms.com has become the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the internet. On average, the photos get 175,000 views per day and over 60 million in total. Quite an astounding feat for any man. His website promises a photo from him every single day and it certainly delivers.

What is the blog for photography?

The blog for photography offers a plethora of information by illustrious photographers. along with valuable tips. Subscribe to their newsletter to read the latest interview of your favorite photographer. 30.

What is the best photography for real estate blog?

Photography For Real Estate Blog The Photography For Real Estate website was founded in 2006 and has been the go-to resource for amateur and experienced photographers alike, garnering over 1.2 million views since its start.

What are the best photography websites for beginners?

Strobist is an expansive website that focuses on lighting techniques to improve your digital photography. It’s one of only three websites that made it to the list from my Top 20 Photography Websites. 1. Scott Bourne