What are the Wattpad genres?

What are the Wattpad genres?

What are the Wattpad genres?

While not all stories fit neatly into these genre categories, here is a base understanding of each so you can best align your story for discoverability.

  • Romance.
  • Fantasy.
  • Paranormal.
  • Horror.
  • Historical Fiction.
  • Fan Fiction.
  • Short Story.
  • Spiritual.

What are the most read Wattpad stories?

Famous Stories *As of June 2021*

  • MAID AKO NG EX-BOYFRIEND KONG CASANOVA BOOK 1 by @jhuennstorm – 38.5M.
  • Breaking the Bad Boy by @blue_maiden – 38M.
  • Baka Sakali 3 by @jonaxx – 37.8M.
  • A Wife’s Secret by @Princess_Jenpaumevi – 37.4M.
  • Destined with the Bad Boy by @justcallmecai – 37.1M.
  • Good Girl Gone Bad by @beeyotch – 37M.

What is r18 Wattpad?

843K 22.2K 8. [The story you are about to read is intended for readers age 18+ due to its sexual content and language. It may not be appropriate for all audiences.

What genre is most popular on Wattpad?

The most popular genres are Romance, YA/teen, Fanfiction, Fantasy (including the supernatural), Science Fiction (including Dystopian), Paranormal, and Suspense (often a mixture such as paranormal with a romance element).

Is Wattpad only for fiction?

Wattpad is not a scouting platform. It can be thought of as Medium, but for fiction only (other key differences between the two are that Medium allows all types of writing, whether fiction or non-fiction, and you have more chances of getting scouted on Medium than you do on Wattpad).

What is the best mature books on Wattpad?

best mature books

  • Dangerous Hearts (BWWM) 3M 89.5K 81. He was danger.
  • His Boss. 367K 18.6K 45.
  • His Vanilla Girl | ✔ 2.9M 79.3K 41.
  • Talking Bodies | ✓ 13.3M 399K 59.
  • The Trade. 1.1M 75.4K 38.
  • Married to it. 563K 18K 36.
  • My Brother’s Roommate. 29.2M 441K 21.
  • She Belongs To The King | ✓ 32.8M 1M 47.

How do I hide my reading list on Wattpad?

Reading Lists They cannot be made private. They can appear as recommendations and are displayed on your profile.