What do you mix Hendricks with?

What do you mix Hendricks with?

What do you mix Hendricks with?

Hendrick’s gin and tonic recipe To make a delicious gin and tonic using Hendrick’s, all you need is the gin, some tonic water, cucumber slices and a dash of freshly squeezed lime juice.

Is Hendricks gin good for cocktails?

Thanks to infusions of roses and cucumbers—yes, really—Hendrick’s is one of those gins with its own distinctive, booming bouquet. Bartenders like it because it lends notes of juniper, elderflower, and citrus to a cocktail, and its old-timey bottle (even though it hit the market in 1999) doesn’t hurt, either.

Why is Hendricks served with cucumber?

Hendrick’s uses cucumber and rose petal botanicals in their distillation process, which is why the fresh slice of cucumber compliments it so well.

Is Hendricks gin infused with cucumber?

Deliciously infused with rose and cucumber. HENDRICK’S is an unusual gin created from eleven fine botanicals. The curious, yet marvellous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavour resulting in an impeccably smooth distinct gin.

How do you drink Hendrick gin?

Hendrick’s Gin should be served in a frosty highball glass with ice. It is then best to add a garnish of cucumber in some capacity, as this will highlight some of the most prominent flavors in Hendrick’s. Finally, it can be drunk as is or topped off with some tonic water.

What gin goes well with cucumber?

Our recommended pairings

  • Gordon’s London Dry Gin.
  • The Botanist Islay Gin.
  • Tanqueray Rangpur Gin.

Which gin is best with cucumber?

It gets its distinctive taste from the infusion of cucumber and rose to the gin after distillation….The Best Cucumber Gins

  1. Pipehouse Earl Grey & Cucumber Gin.
  2. Whitley Neill Aloe & Cucumber Gin.
  3. Martin Miller’s Gin.
  4. English Drinks Company Cucumber Gin.
  5. Harrison Gin (Aldi)

What is so special about Hendricks gin?

Hendrick’s unique taste comes from its use of roses and cucumbers along with 11 other botanicals, of course including juniper – but also coriander, orange, lemon, angelic, orris root, cubeb berries, caraway seeds, chamomile, elderflower, and yarrow berries.

How do you drink Hendricks gin?

What makes Hendricks gin different?

Is there A Henrick’s Gin Cocktail For every occasion?

There is a HENDRICK’S GIN cocktail for almost any occasion. Here you will find a dazzling array of exquisite cocktail recipes. We have recipes for every skill level, a multitude of occasions, and extraordinary flavours to satisfy almost any palate.

What is in a cucumber and lemon cocktail?

HENDRICK’S Cucumber Lemonade brims with naughty thoughts for summers yet to be. An altogether breezier gin cocktail. Combine all ingredients in a highball glass filled with cubed ice and lightly stir. Garnish with 3 thinly sliced rounds of cucumber and 1 lemon wheel and serve.

What is Rose&cucumber gin?

The curious, yet marvelous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavor resulting in an impeccably smooth and distinct gin.