What do you need to open a bank account at Golden 1?

What do you need to open a bank account at Golden 1?

What do you need to open a bank account at Golden 1?

To open a Golden 1 account you will need to show one of the following current forms of ID: a U.S. state-issued driver’s license; a U.S. Passport; an Employment Authorization card (Form 1688A or B) or business-sponsored work Visa; or a state-issued Student Visa Resident alien card or U.S. Military ID card.

How much money do you need to open a bank account at Golden 1?

Golden 1’s Regular Savings Account requires just a minimum opening deposit of only $1 and establishes you as a member of Golden 1. This account yields dividends that are paid monthly and has no monthly maintenance fee or minimum balance fee.

Does Golden 1 have monthly fees?

All pay interest, and none have monthly service fees. The Regular Savings account has a $1 minimum to open and requires a rock-bottom $0.01 balance to earn dividends. This account can be linked to another Golden 1 account and used as overdraft protection. The APY is 0.05% across all balances.

How do I find my Golden 1 account number?

Your member number (also known as your primary account number) is printed on your Golden 1 statements. Or, if you are enrolled in Online Statements, you can find your member number on your most recent account statement.

Which is better credit union or bank?

Credit unions typically offer lower fees, higher savings rates, and a more hands-and personalized approach to customer service to their members. In addition, credit unions may offer lower interest rates on loans. And, it may be easier to obtain a loan with a credit union than a larger impersonal bank.

Does Golden 1 have free checking?

Checking Accounts The Free Checking and youth accounts have no minimum balance requirements or monthly maintenance fees. All accounts offer free access to more than 30,000 Golden 1 and CO-OP ATMs.

What is Golden 1 credit union?

2018: Golden 1 is the first state-chartered credit union to be granted statewide field of membership in California. Anybody who lives and/or regularly works in California is now eligible for membership.

What happened in 2013 at Golden 1 credit union?

Membership grows to more than 700,000. 2013: 80th anniversary. Assets reach more than $8 billion. The Credit Union awards $368,000 in grants to support literacy and foster youth. Golden 1 recognized as “Best Bank or Credit Union” in several communities. 2012: Golden 1 launches a new college scholarship program for members and their dependents.

What is the address for Golden 1 credit union Sacramento?

Deposits, loan payments, and home equity payments Golden 1 Credit Union P.O. Box 15249 Sacramento, CA 95851-0249 Proof of insurance for vehicles

What can I do with Golden 1 online banking?

With Golden 1 Online Banking, you can send money, receive money, and request payment without messing with cash or checks and trips to the bank. All you need is a name, an email address or a mobile phone number, and funds are on the way!* Best of all, it’s free!*